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Decorating to Sell: Home Design Decorations and Updates That Add Value to Your LA Home

Decorating to Sell: Home Design Decorations and Updates That Add Value to Your LA Home

If you want to climb up the property ladder in Los Angeles, you must know how to add value to your home. Ensuring the best return when you come to selling a property in the area is crucial. Yet, there are different types of improvements and home upgrades you can make. If your home is structurally sound, it will be easy to get away with a few easy updates like a fresh coat of paint or minor garden maintenance operations. However, suppose your home asks for significant upgrades or renovation. In that case, you need to plan them and accordingly budget the expenses carefully, all while taking a close eye on the property market. Once you are done with the desired updates, you can consult a Los Angeles mortgage broker who can further expedite your home’s sale.

With that in mind, let us show you a few home design decorations and update ideas that can help you show your home at its very best to potential buyers. 

Plan Your Home Update Project

First things first – before you initiate any home renovations, the first step is to develop a clearly outlined strategy: the goal for your renovation, designing inspiration, the outline of the work that needs to be completed, and your budget financing. Regardless of whether you opt for cosmetic or structural improvements to your property, advanced planning is always a must! Keep in mind that projects that aim to change your LA home’s structure or the use of a room, you will most likely need a license, and this usually requires time and money. When it comes to your budget, consider including permits and building materials costs, labor costs, and expenses related to decorations or cosmetic touches. And, if you are not sure where to start, use websites sources like HomeHow that have an extensive list of guides and home design ideas to ensure your home’s exact needs are met. 

 Decorating to Sell: Home Design Decorations and Updates That Add Value to Your LA Home

Renew the Entrance (In and Out)

First impressions always count, so one of the best ways to sweep potential buyers off their feet is to renew your LA’s home entrance. Simple things like painting the front door in an exciting color or updating the garden doorway in front of your house (by cleaning the path and trimming plants) send a message that your home is well maintained. 

Continue with redecorating your foyer as well. Consider adding a statement mirror, a bold painting or exquisite sculpture, or “simply” crown the space with a sparkling chandelier. If you want to evoke a cozy feeling, add warm wood floors, a couch (if space allows it), greenery, or a bouquet of blooms. Whatever you do, keep in mind that the entryway always sets the tone for the rest of your home. 

Update the Kitchen and Bathrooms 

Most buyers perceive bathroom and kitchen updates as the most impactful on the home sale value. That is understandable since these areas tend to be high-use and high-traffic rooms in every family. According to experts, potential buyers tend to look for updates in these areas first, so it is important to double-check these rooms when making an update home plan. 

Kitchens, especially ones with an open floor plan and adequate storage space, are quite popular. However, if you do not have the budget to tear down a wall, opt for adding gourmet-style cabinets or use a fresh coat of paint on the old ones. Countertops are also essential since they are in everyone’s line of vision. Therefore save money by going with a glazed concrete over classic quartz. Concrete is, in the last couple of years, competing with marble as a new trend for countertops in both kitchens and bathrooms, especially in LA homes. Also, consider reviving the old flooring with more modern tile or vinyl options. And even effortless updates, like a backsplash or new appliances, can be valuable places to put your money. However, make sure all appliances match if possible. 

When it comes to bathrooms, you can tackle inexpensive elements like vanities, toilets, and fixtures, and achieve the look and feel of an update without exceeding your budget. For example,  new fixtures can make an entire space look more modern and inviting. Swapping out things like faucets and showerheads do not have to be super expensive at the outset. And if you opt for upgrading the plumbing fixtures, be sure to pick ones that complement the rest of the bathroom. Also, painting is a good renovation project to do yourself, particularly in the toilet. To be on the safe side, choose a neutral color that will have more widespread appeal. If you are looking for an exciting change, consider upgrading the flooring. New bathroom floors are one of the less expensive renovations you can do. Still, they can also completely change the look, feel, and utility of the space.

Bring Nature Inside

Bringing nature indoors is the new hot home trend in recent years. With people being more and more aware of the benefits that plants have on their health, this trend is definitely worth exploring. One easy and relatively cheap way is to add potted plants in the foyer, living room, or even bathroom. These green corners can bring beautiful energy flow in the room and even draw attention to features you want buyers to notice. Also, a few pretty flowers in a vase in the dining room can bring positive vibes and joy. Keep in mind, though, that the plants must be in good health.

 Decorating to Sell: Home Design Decorations and Updates That Add Value to Your LA Home

Highlight Your Home’s Best Features

An essential part of selling a property is displaying what sets it apart from the rest. And this is especially true when it comes to selling your LA home, since like it or not – the competition is fierce! For instance, if your home has a large garden, invest time and money to improve and get most out of every corner from it. If you have a fireplace, arrange the different furniture pieces to make it a cozy focal point. Or if your home has a unique and spacious dining area, use the space to showcase beautiful artwork. The point – every house has its unique features that are worth the investment since they can tell a story when the buyer is walking through. 

Declutter and Clean Your Place

Last but not least – remove the clutter and all personal items that have a special meaning to you but do not fit the space. Remind yourself that the changes you are making are not for you, but for someone else – potential buyers. You want everything to be just in the right place and perfectly prepared. And once the “unnecessary” is out of the way, start with a thorough cleaning. Clean your house (or hire someone to do that for you) like never before. Double-check every surface before moving to the next. Pay attention to details like windows and window sills, doorknobs, ceiling fan blades, ceiling, and floor corners. To keep everything in check, make a list of things to be done in every room, and check off the items as you complete them.