Killspencer has unveiled its Indoor Mini Basketball Kit. Handmade in Los Angeles in the Killspencer workshop, the kit consists of a backboard, a hoop and comes in two editions. The ‘Classic Edition’ has a powder-coated black metal breakaway rim, mounted on a matte black and natural maple backboard, with a black leather Killspencer stamped net.  The second one, the ‘Special Edition‘, comes with a 24-Karat ‘Conflict Free’ gold plated breakaway rim, mounted on a matte black maple backboard, featuring a black leather net with gold foil skirt. Killspencer Indoor Mini Basketball Kit is available now from $795 USD to $995 USD  here.


2-killspencer-indoor-mini-basketball-kit 3-killspencer-indoor-mini-basketball-kit 4-killspencer-indoor-mini-basketball-kit 5-killspencer-indoor-mini-basketball-kit

all images and video courtesy of KILLSPENCER | H/t highsnobiety