Acoustitch is a bold three-dimensional wall designed by architecture firm RCKa located in the foyer of 11 Waterloo Place, home to the National Bank of Egypt, London. Installed behind the reception desk, Acoustitch provides a focal point for the foyer space whilst making a virtue of spatial and acoustic constraints.

The foyer’s white marble floor and plaster walls provide a clean contemporary backdrop for the work. Inspired to introduce acoustic comfort into this space, RCKa looked to anechoic sound chambers, choosing to use high-density acoustic foam as the core material for the artwork to soften the acoustics, creating a more welcoming entrance for workers and visitors.


The wall is constructed from 789 pieces of high-density acoustic foam cut into triangular forms. The foam pieces are adhered to birch-faced ply backing sheets that fit together jigsaw like for ease of transportation and installation, and wall mounted using simple split battens. Taking a cue from traditional woven fabric swatches, the triangular forms are grouped and rotated to form a homogenic texture and pattern for maximum visual effect.

 3-acoustitch-installation-by-rcka-at-11-waterloo-place-london 4-acoustitch-installation-by-rcka-at-11-waterloo-place-london 5-acoustitch-installation-by-rcka-at-11-waterloo-place-london