Industrial designer Jessica Stoll has reimagined the packaging for the Big Mac that allows you to eat with one hand and save your shirt from special sauce stains. This tri-purpose solution (purse/pocket/pouch) features handles for easy carrying, and a foldable section in the middle. This way, the packaging is able to stand by itself on a table, but when folded can fit easily between one’s legs (when outdoors without a table, for example), or even while driving. The redesigned packaging brings easily together both Big Mac alongside French fries within two compartments.


To eat on-the-go, the package can fold into itself for easy handling. The form transforms into a tapered diamond to easily eat the Big Mac or fries with just one hand.

The intuitive method of eating our food from our laps becomes user-friendly in this re-design. Instead of blindly reaching for food, this new package keeps the Big Mac and fries easily accessible. Whether in traffic or sitting in the park, this form allows for a comfortable, natural eating experience that is also downright delightful.

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all images courtesy of Jessica Stoll