Installed in The Netherlands by local company Lighted Zebra Crossing, this special white stripes light up both the crossing and its pedestrian traffic to improve safety. The idea was born after the poor visibility of pedestrians on traditional zebra crossings, especially in bad weather situations or in critical crossroads near to schools, shops or residential centers for the elderly.

 Lighted Zebra Crossing

The pedestrian stripes are easy to remove and have average dimensions of 200 x 50 cm and use lightboxes of eight to ten centimeters deep, installed on the ground. There are two versions available, one for asphalt – with a steel frame and poured concrete under a luminous plate – and one for brick which is only a four centimeters plate without a frame. The modules use LED lighting that can be connected to streetlights and solar panels. They have been tested to hold about 2,500,000 cars.


all images and video courtesy of Lighted Zebra Crossing