Belarus-based designer Lesha Limonov has designed a collection of famous portrait-inspired sleep masks, titled Masterpieces Never Sleep, as part of the Rijksmuseum’s International Rijksstudio Award. The competition, initiated by the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam, invites designers to re-interpret the exhibited artworks and incorporate them into their creations  whether in the fields of fashion, photography, graphic design or applied arts.

“When night begins and the museum halls turn empty, the art masterpieces stay awake and look from the darkness. Till the morning they don’t close their eyes, monitoring what happens around,” says Lesha Limonov.

 Masterpieces Never Sleep Lesha Limonov

Masks get a bit creepy! They has its own charm and aesthetics. This project doesn’t cause indifferent attitude: either you like it or scary and repel. The idea is – masterpieces never sleep! If to think about it, really, for hundreds of years painting characters never sleep. There is something mysterious about it. As the mask is not only useful thing, but also a gift and souvenir there is a bit of humor aspect in the project (eyes size for example).

 Masterpieces Never Sleep Lesha Limonov

“I chose the best known and most expressive characters who have the most recognizable striking look,” Limonov explains. “And also that differ from each other in style and technique of painting.” Limonov and the company where his work has designer, the Shuba Gift Factory, hope to expand the project to other museums, depending on the results of the Rijkstudio Award in April.


Masterpieces Never Sleep Lesha Limonov

all images courtesy of Lesha Limonov