Italian lighting company Artemide has teamed up with German auto brand Mercedes- Benz to design the futuristic pendant lamp Ameluna. Ameluna is an optoelectronic masterpiece with revolutionary potential. The light is characterised by leading-edge technology combined with dynamic design, and looks something like a mystical bioluminescent deep-sea creature.

Ameluna demonstrates the full potential of the two companies who, in their respective disciplines, are among the leading innovators in the combination of functionality and form.

 Ameluna pendant lamp by Artemide + Mercedes-Benz

Artemide and Mercedes-Benz Style are taking a new path with Ameluna: light is not only conceived as an intelligent design element, but aesthetics and the task of the luminous object are brilliantly fused into a complete work of art. The dynamically convex luminous body with a diameter of 750 millimetres and height of 150 millimetres opens up into a crown of LEDs that gently surrounds the transparent volume.

The possibility of transferring the individually defined lighting mood from the Mercedes-Benz E-Class to the apartment by means of an app on the smartphone combines aesthetics with intelligence and demonstrates a fine flair for cutting-edge technologies.

 Ameluna pendant lamp by Artemide + Mercedes-Benz Ameluna pendant lamp by Artemide + Mercedes-Benz Ameluna pendant lamp by Artemide + Mercedes-Benz

all images courtesy of Artemide