Singapore-based design consultancy Colours: Collectively Ours, has created Dande-lier, a temporary pavilion realized for iLight Marina Bay 2017. iLight is an annual light festival that invites contributors and installations by artists from all over the world.

 Dande-lier Pavilion by Colours: Collectively Ours at iLight Marina Bay 2017

Dande-lier consists of seven layers of triangular PVC pipe modules, which are tilted and rested on each other to build up the form of the dome. The pipes, commonly used in local construction are held together by galvanized iron pipe clamps and screwed together by a customized thread. The system makes Dande-lier both adaptable and easily deployable.

 Dande-lier Pavilion by Colours: Collectively Ours at iLight Marina Bay 2017

The layer of tied translucent umbrellas generates a diffused and surreal lighting experience within and offers an alternative perspective of the skyline and surrounding environment. Once inside, the view of the outside world is warped, transporting visitors into an alternate world, with a smart lighting system that responds dynamically to the visitors’ position in the sculpture.

During the day the well-ventilated dome provides shaded seating areas and respite from the heat. At night it becomes a destination, highlighted by the constantly changing lighting scheme.



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