The Be. hybrid toothbrush has all the power and performance of an electric toothbrush, combined with all of the utilitarian benefits of a manual toothbrush. It features 80,000 oscillating strokes per brushing in two minutes, a level of performance that a manual toothbrush would need four hours to accomplish.

Goodwell Company has created Be., “the world’s first battery-free powered toothbrush”—while it has an oscillating head just like an electric toothbrush, you do not need electricity to use it.

 Be., The First Battery-Free, Powered Hybrid Toothbrush

Essentially a kinetic storage device, Be. uses its patented multiplier transmission system to turn two simple twists into 80,000 powerful brush strokes every time you use it. This means that it can be used practically everywhere like a manual toothbrush, but cleans effectively like an electric one.

 Be., The First Battery-Free, Powered Hybrid Toothbrush

That’s really all there is to it, just 3 steps – put toothpaste on the bristles, give the dial two full twists, hit the power button and you’re off brushing just like your electric. After 2 minutes are done, it shuts down automatically – if you turn it off before 2 minutes, you just need to turn the dial 1-1.5 times to get it back to a full charge the next time you brush.

 Be., The First Battery-Free, Powered Hybrid Toothbrush

To make it even better, Be. has 100% biodegradable brush heads and is completely recyclable—not only does it save energy, it would help you reduce waste as well. Be. is available for pre-order on its Kickstarter page for $49 USD.



all images and video courtesy of Goodwell Co.