Prolific Japanese design studio nendo has realized a new speaker design for Bunaco, developed to make effective use of the abundance of the beech trees that grow in Aomori prefecture in Japan.

Bunaco – buna means beech(wood) in Japanese – was founded in 1956 Aomori. This region is located in the northern part of Japan and has great numbers of beech trees. Bunaco’s products were born to use the nature’s gift as eco-friendly and flexible designed wares.

 Nendo Unveils New Speaker Design For Bunaco

In addition to its use in various applications such as bowls, decorative goods and lighting fixtures, this technique is also tested for wireless speakers. As a result of the shape of the internal cavities, fine steps, and the sound absorbing qualities of the beech wood, it has been proven to produce a uniquely clear and soft tone.

 Nendo Unveils New Speaker Design For Bunaco

Therefore, an omni-directional speaker with a vertically standing diaphragm was designed, aiming to maximize the acoustic quality and the spatial distribution of the sound.

To accentuate the beauty of Bunaco’s woodwork, the speaker is supported with a transparent acrylic cylinder. The clear base makes it possible to see the unfinished edge that is left curling from the bottom, enabling users to intuitively understand the speaker’s structure as well as the craftsmanship invested in its production.

 Nendo Unveils New Speaker Design For Bunaco

all images © Akihiro Yoshida