In all sports hydration is key, and for most athletes, it is crucial to have a squeezable bottle that allows for one-handed, fast and precise drinking to minimize the distraction. But up until now all squeezable bottles were made out of plastic. That means: bad taste, potential health risk and throw away mentality. Nowadays, everybody has the best sporting equipment and everything is high-tech. So why not having the best bottle?

Driven by that problem, Lukas Angst, Founder of KEEGO set out to develop a better product. Now, after two years of intense research and development, KEEGO takes the next step in the evolution of the sports bottle – fusing all the benefits of a light and squeezable plastic bottle with the clean taste and endurance of a metal one.

 KEEGO Designs World's First Squeezable Metal Bottle

Thanks to a precise water stream and good flow-rate, the World’s first squeezable metal bottle allows athletes to fully focus on their performance while keeping the water fresh and clean. The secret behind KEEGO’s squeezability lies within a special production process which adds an elastic core to a titanium bottle. This is made possible by a manufacturer specialized in producing kicker chambers for CERN and other particle accelerators around the world. KEEGO’s design goes hand in hand with its technology.

 KEEGO Designs World's First Squeezable Metal Bottle

While the squeezability of the bottle is based upon an innovative use of material, the functionality of this material stands and falls with a compatible shape. Consequently, the sports bottle is defined by ergonomic, as well as functional and technological requirements. The rounded square-shape and monolithic design give the surface of the bottle an ideal distribution of tension and pressure, which makes it a lot easier to squeeze.

 KEEGO Designs World's First Squeezable Metal Bottle

The KEEGO’s squeezable bottle is also very well suited to the specific material properties and production process. the secret behind KEEGO’s functionality lies within the production process that allows to add an elastic core to a titanium bottle. The key is to accurately control the fusion process in order to modulate the elasticity according to the amount of stress in different parts of the squeeze bottle.

The KEEGO’s squeezable metal bottle is available now on Kickstarter for $43 USD.