At this year’s Milan Design Week, Konstantin Grcic has unveiled the result of his longstanding collaboration with Plank, unveiling the new chair CUP.

The seat is inspired by the hard shell of luggage: “As a traveler, one has come to appreciate the benefits of plastic shell suitcases,” says Grcic. “They are extremely light and flexible, yet strong and good looking. suitcases made of thin vacuum- formed plastic sheets have revolutionized an entire product species.”

 Konstantin Grcic Unveils The CUP Chair For Plank

As a furniture designer, Konstantin Grcic was struck by the ingenuity of this technology, considering how appropriate it was to the production and performance of modern chair shells. The creative potential seemed obvious. However, translating it into a successful formula for a chair took time and learning.

“With CUP we have developed an elegant geometry for the shell, which combines structural strength with a high degree of flexibility and lightness,” explains Grcic. “The upholstered inside of the shell adds a well-balanced ergonomic quality to the chair, making it a perfect choice for conference situations, waiting and dining areas.” 

 Konstantin Grcic Unveils The CUP Chair For Plank

CUP’s plastic seat shell is available in both black and white, while its upholstery comes in a variety of textiles and colors combined with the seat shell. Meanwhile, the metal structure can be chrome or black powder coated.

“The shell in black or white plastic can be combined with an in nite range of fabrics and colors, depending on whether it has to blend with the environment or to be the protagonist,” says Konstantin Grcic.

 Konstantin Grcic Unveils The CUP Chair For Plank  Konstantin Grcic Unveils The CUP Chair For PlankKonstantin Grcic Unveils The CUP Chair For Plank