2POUR is a dual brewer accessory that allows users of the Aeropress Coffee Maker overcome a single problem – the inability to make two cups of coffee from a single plunge. All users of the Aeropress have definitely encountered that moment when they need to make more than one cup of coffee; meaning you can’t enjoy your great Aeropress coffee together.


“Sure, workarounds are available, but pressing your Aeropress into a jug cools down your coffee too quickly, and switching from cup to cup is just messy and unexciting,” says the design tem. “So we designed the 2POUR to take the hassle out of brewing two cups of coffee, leaving you to spend more time doing what you love most, drinking coffee with perfect company.”


The 2POUR is a simple, one piece unit which allows the user to place their Aeropress on top of the 2POUR and plunge down like before, only this time the specially designed spout system will split your coffee into an even 50:50 ratio, every time.

In order to make two cups of coffee with the Aeropress and 2POUR you follow the same instructions like before, only this time you just double the amount of coffee grounds you add to the Aeropress. Once you’ve finished plunging, top your cups up with hot water, or to taste – it really is that easy!


Founded by inventor Andrew Eaves, 2POUR is a brand new product design studio based in Manchester, UK. The 2POUR is their first product and is now available on kickstarter until 11th of July, 2018, for just £10.00 (about $14 USD).