Combining a wealth of sophisticated gadgetry and the elegance of 007’s iconic Aston Martin DB5, LEGO has unveiled the LEGO Creator Expert James Bond Aston Martin DB5. James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 from the 1964 hit film Goldfinger is the latest in the Lego Creator Expert series and features a wealth of authentic gadgets and gizmos all created in Q’s workshop. The model has been designed to provide a challenging and rewarding building experience full of nostalgia—a must-have for fans of Aston Martin, James Bond movies, and LEGO building sets.


Featuring 1,290 pieces, you can combine the understated sophistication of Aston Martin with the joy of LEGO building and create your very own piece of James Bond memorabilia. An authentic replica of the world-famous 1964 Aston Martin DB5 sports car, this 1:8 scale model includes many of the unique features showcased in Goldfinger, from a working ejector seat, revolving number plates, radar tracker, hidden telephone, bulletproof shield, front wing machine guns and wheel-mounted tire scythes’.

 LEGO Introduces James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Creator Expert Model Kit

The exterior of the car, painted in Silver Birch just like the original, features the smooth curves and sleek edges of the original Aston Martin DB5 and includes key details including sloped headlamps and drum lacquered silver front and rear bumpers. The molded silver wire wheel rim inserts also feature the iconic Aston Martin wings that match the wings on the front and rear of the car. Pop open the bonnet to find a detailed six-cylinder engine and open the doors of the car to reveal a radar tracker, as well as a telephone, tucked away in the secret door compartment.

 LEGO Introduces James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Creator Expert Model Kit

The finished model measures over 3” (10cm) high, 13” (34cm) long and 4” (12cm) wide, making this a perfect display piece whilst showcasing the timeless elegance of 007’s iconic sports car. Priced $150 USD, the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Creator Expert Model is available at select LEGO retailers come August 1.