Thijs Biersteker has unveiled his latest digital art installation during Dutch Design Week 2018 at TAC – Temporary Art Centre Eindhoven. The installation, dubbed Volverium, creates awareness for the impact of algorithms that result in today’s information bubbles. The powerful algorithms designed to reinforce our interests also ensure that we see little of what’s new, different or unfamiliar.

 Volverium / Thijs Biersteker

Biersteker’s Volverium aims to open us up again to a universe of new perspectives by putting you in the middle of it. Blending reality and virtual reality in analog ways. Looking through VR glasses, the high tech planetarium like piece places you in the centre of a new universe. Giant lenses turn around you, rhythmically, elegantly distorting and bending reality as you experience it now, creating new viewpoints to look at your surroundings.

The art installation is created in collaboration with musician Jacco Gardner in the context of his new album. Living on the edges of kinetic art, virtual reality and augmented reality the music and installation guide you along with new viewpoints and bended realities.

 Volverium / Thijs Biersteker

Thijs is an interactive artist that creates awareness installations about the world most pressing issues. In 2016, he created Plastic Reflectic, is an interactive kinetic installation that turned its spectators into trash, drawing attention to the growing amount of waste in our oceans. He seamlessly combines science and technology to deliver an empowering experience that is accessible both intellectually and technologically. His large-scale immersive art installations are a surprising mesh of data, analog elements, digital visuals, kinetic motion and virtual reality that explore the gap between the physical and digital, data and emotions, industry and nature.

His work provokes thought about sustainability, celebrates the good use of data, lets our brain waves overcome diversity and turns your movements into the plastic ocean trash. He produces his work in a conscious way with talented teams that share the same vision on a circulair and sustainable future.

 Volverium / Thijs Biersteker

Volverium is created in collaboration with Casper van der Meer (Engineer), Kees Plattel (Creative Technologist),
 Melanie Kool (Jr. Creative Technologist), Jacco Gardner (Music).