The Fiat and LEGO brands have teamed up to create the new “Fiat 500 LEGO Creator Expert” set, on sale for less than $90 USD. “Throughout its illustrious history, the Fiat 500 has surpassed its original material manifestation to take its place in the collective unconscious, becoming an international icon. This is also demonstrated by its recent exposure at the Museum of Modern Art in New York”, noted Cristiano Fiorio, Head of Brand Marketing Communication, FCA EMEA Region. “We know well that LEGO chooses only iconic products, and we know that the Fiat 500 is not only a car but an artistic and cultural phenomenon with strong symbolic value, as well as a joyous and colorful expression of the Italian spirit around the world.”

 Fiat 500 LEGO Creator Expert Set

The partnership between Fiat and LEGO forms part of a broader project that sees the FCA group involved in a number of exclusive licensing collaborations, aimed at extending the visibility of its brands outside the automotive world and conveying the key values of each one. This is also demonstrated by the new Fiat 500 LEGO Creator Expert set, which celebrates one of the most famous symbols of Italian manufacturing in the world and pays homage to the legendary film La Dolce Vita.

 Fiat 500 LEGO Creator Expert Set

Inspired by the legendary Fiat 500F from the late Sixties, the new set includes a 960-piece model, complete with functioning sunroof, detailed interiors, luggage rack with spare tire, rear luggage rack and a bonnet that can be opened to inspect the engine once construction is complete. The set also includes a folding easel, a palette and a painting of the car in front of the Roman Colosseum.

 Fiat 500 LEGO Creator Expert Set

The official presentation of the new Fiat 500 LEGO Creator Expert set took place at the Spazio MRF-Mirafiori in Turin, where a life-size model of the Fiat icon was unveiled. The model was built from 189,032 LEGO bricks, requiring 830 hours of work. After the event, a fleet of over 50 vintage Fiat 500s escorted the first LEGO Creator Expert Fiat 500 to the Turin LEGO Store in Via Roma, in the city center. Available from March 1, from the official website and in LEGO Stores.

The LEGO Fiat 500 is available now for $89.99 USD / €79.99 via the company’s website.

 Fiat 500 LEGO Creator Expert Set Fiat 500 LEGO Creator Expert Set Fiat 500 LEGO Creator Expert Set