Launching this month on Kickstarter, innovative and sustainable body and home care product line EQUA CARE offers an ingenious bundle of all-natural products consisting of a reusable dispenser and concentrated powder formula refills. By adding tap water to it at home, you create a bigger impact with less. 

 EQUA CARE Launches Sustainable Body & Home Care Products

Every year, the global cosmetics industry results in more than 120 billion units of single-use packaging, piling up in landfills for the next 500 years. An issue to be considered for everyday-used products that also often raise questions about the quality, and therefore safety, of their ingredients for the body. 

“We realized that the reason for so much waste is that only 1/10 of their content is active ingredients. The rest being water that only adds up to the weight and volume of the packaging,” says Anze Miklavec, co-founder of EQUA CARE.

 EQUA CARE Launches Sustainable Body & Home Care Products

The bundle includes a beautifully crafted dispenser that is designed to be reused over and over again in combination with powdered formula refills ready to be mixed with water whenever the bottle is empty. EQUA CARE’s promise is a gentle to the skin yet effective formula that excludes any toxic ingredients such as parabens, silicones, aluminum, and artificials fragrances found in many traditional products. Their focus on high-quality natural ingredients and hand-picked essential oils is here to delight the pickiest modern conscious consumers. 

 EQUA CARE Launches Sustainable Body & Home Care Products

Responding to the highest ethics, EQUA CARE consists of four essentials: foaming hand wash, shower gel, home cleaning spray, and dish soap, that can all be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep – a concept that’s reinventing the way we think about our rituals, treat our skin, and impact our environment.