It’s a tough pill to swallow for some brides. But, the truth is that there are certain things that your wedding guests simply don’t care about. That doesn’t mean that they don’t matter or they are not worth paying attention to. It just means that your guests won’t notice if you spent $10 or $10,000 on certain items, and being aware of what they are can save you a lot of money, time, and stress.

The Registry

Modern couples are a little older and many are starting their second marriages and have no need for traditional items. You can go ahead and remove a wedding registry from your wedding guest checklist and allow guests to gift something a little more personal like wildly entertaining bride boxes, financial contributions to the honeymoon, or some other unique wedding etiquette gift. If bridal subscription boxes are news to you, they are a simple concept. Instead of a single gift that your guests deliver on your wedding day, subscription boxes are delivered to your door throughout the months leading up to the big day and are filled with items that help you plan and celebrate. Brides simply love them before, during, and after the ceremony!


Sorry to say, your guests are not impressed with a 5-tier wedding cake. If you care a great deal, go ahead and splurge. If all you care about is the cake tasting good, you have free reign to remove this from your list of things for a wedding that you are going to overpay for.

 10 Things Your Wedding Guests Don't Care About


Overly elaborate wedding stationery is most definitely NOT a wedding need. Yes, your invitations and save the dates should stand out from the junk mail but there is no need to spend an arm and a leg on  a professional designer to create your own wedding font. As long as the critical information is delivered, you’ve done your job.


The flash mob dance as you walk down the aisle and dad surprising everyone with a breakdance is cute, but definitely not necessary. The trend is over and no one expects this level of effort from you. In fact, this ranks among the top wedding guest complaints. It’s best to keep the dances simple and sincere.


Have you ever heard a coworker rave about the tablecloth linens from the wedding she attended over the weekend? No? That’s because it’s never happened. Go ahead and do your wedding your way, but don’t feel like it’s necessary to splurge on 1000 thread count egyptian cotton. A standard table cloth will do just fine.


DIY centerpieces are a fun craft project, but those oversized, overpriced deals won’t be remembered by the time your guests wake up the next morning. Counter to what most bride’s are told, larger centerpieces are viewed as a poor wedding decision since they take up so much table real estate. Keep it simple.

 10 Things Your Wedding Guests Don't Care About


This one will save you tons of money, especially if you are expecting a 100 guest wedding or more. They don’t care about wedding favours. They are not expecting a gift. They are simply happy to celebrate your union and participate in the festivities.

Garter Toss

The jury is out in regards to tossing the bouquet. Some guests still love it and will pull the extensions off the other bridesmaids for a chance to claim the flowers. The garter, on the other hand, is a tradition we can let go of. It’s often embarrassing for the bride and almost always a drag for the guests.

Slide Shows

If you poll the average wedding attendance, guests (aside from mom and dad) will tell you that a slideshow is boring. Since this takes hours of effort to create and goes underappreciated, replace this relic of a tradition with strategically placed photos around the venue to tell the story of your relationship.

Serving Style

This is YOUR wedding. If you want a buffet, provide a buffet. If you want a plated meal serve a plated meal. Food is one of those free wedding things that guests are excited about regardless of how it gets to the table. They are simply happy to eat, so you do you.


Author — Svitlana Yefimets

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