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Easy Rider – 4 Tips To Help You Afford Your Dream Vehicle

Easy Rider - 4 Tips To Help You Afford Your Dream Vehicle

Saving for a beautiful new car can seem like a pipe dream given the reality of how much a new vehicle will cost. If you take the right preparatory measures, however, it’s not necessarily so out of reach. Stay informed on the market so you know exactly which vehicle you want and how much it is valued so you can easily spot an inflated price. Then, follow through on these four tips and you’ll be able to afford your dream vehicle much sooner than you would have thought:  

1. Don’t Turn to High-Interest Dealership Financing

Getting your car on a “pay-later” scheme can seem enticing at the moment, but it will almost always mean paying a lot more in the long run due to higher interest rates. It can potentially lead you into experiencing financial issues a lot more serious than simply not affording a vehicle in the first place.  

The safer option is small cash loans from a reliable lender. Designed to help those in need, small cash loans offer capped loan amounts and interest rates with flexible terms. So if you find yourself stuck without a vehicle for transport and a little bit short in your savings for a new car, these loans are designed to help you get unstuck. 

 Easy Rider - 4 Tips To Help You Afford Your Dream Vehicle

2. Consider Buying Used 

Now that we have access to more information than ever, there is little mystery to secondhand vehicles from reputable buyers. Sellers expect buyers to be informed, so they’ll more than likely offer verification and details, especially if your dream vehicle is more on the luxury or rare side. 

Buying used doesn’t mean buying something old or defective, but it’s good practice to always perform your due diligence and test vehicles before you buy. Buying second hand can save you significantly, given how fast cars depreciate. You could save a good amount of money on a recent model as little as a year old. 

3. Go Car-Free For 30 Days

This is not a step for everyone. If you have no alternative means of commuting, perhaps think about a different expense you can curb for a while, like coffee or eating out. If you are able to or live in a metropolitan area, take the challenge of going without a car for a month.

In this time, take public transport, cycle, walk, or carpool with your colleagues (in exchange for returning the favor in your new car). This way, you will save money on fuel and any other costs associated with keeping your car running and you’ll build up anticipation for your new car which may inspire you to save in other ways. 

When you feel tempted in your period of abstinence, think of how delighted you’ll feel when your savings allow you to drive once again… in your new car! 


4. Trade-in Your Old Vehicle 

Consider trading in your current vehicle if it’s still in running order and you’re just a couple thousand down in your new car savings budget. Then, request a quote from an eligible dealership about what kind of offer they can make on a new vehicle based on the value of the car you’re trading in. This practical method means you end up with a fresh, new vehicle without paying full price or waiting for it to depreciate in value.

Now you’re aware of some helpful ways to afford your dream vehicle. All that’s left is to enjoy the ride!