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Four Ways to Decorate Your Stairwell

Four Ways to Decorate Your Stairwell

Maxime Brouillet

Stairwells are often deemed a wasted space within a home, as the layout rarely offers versatility for interior design. The space often includes a short wall that can be challenging for hanging photos or an oversized wall that necessitates a special piece of art to fill the space. Rather than looking at a stairwell as a boring waste of space, think of it as a unique opportunity for interior design in an area of transition, be it from one floor to the next or the outside to the comfort of your home. Here are four ways to decorate your stairwell.

Large-scale Acrylic Prints

Large-scale acrylic prints are a great way to fill a blank space and add vibrancy to a neutral area without making changes to the wall color or more permanent design elements. Acrylic prints are superior to both framed photos and photos printed on canvas, as they come in one unit for easy mounting and refract the light surrounding the image rather than reflecting it (as you see on glass frames). This creates a more lifelike viewing experience; you can see the difference when you look at acrylic prints at Bumblejax.

There are a few options when having an acrylic print produced for your stairwell. You can either have a photo that you’ve taken produced as a print, which can be a great way to showcase your favorite vacation spot or a place that holds sentimental value. Alternatively, you can choose a curated photo that works with your overall design scheme.

Mirrors and Lights

If the space is oddly shaped and you can’t find anything that goes on the walls, shift the focus to the lighting in the area. By investing in a beautiful hanging light piece, you incorporate functional art into the space without hanging anything on the walls. Look into chandeliers that fit with the style of your home or an assortment of hanging lights in a modern or industrial style. If you do have limited wall space to work with, consider adding an assortment of mirrors to reflect the light. Not only will this look incredible, but it will also reflect light throughout the area and make the space appear larger. This is a great approach to take if your stairwell has no windows or limited natural light.

 Four Ways to Decorate Your Stairwell

Stair Riser Murals

Stair riser murals and designs have become increasingly popular in recent years as people try to optimize this space. You may have seen the risers painted to look like stacked books, on which homeowners showcase their favorite stories and authors. Alternatively, painting the risers an accent color while keeping a neutral tone on the walls adds a whimsical decor piece.

Stair riser murals incorporate art and photography into the stairs the same way wall decals are applied. These often come in various pieces and create a solid image when viewed from the bottom of the stairs. This decor trend won’t work for all types of staircases, though a waterfall mural can be adapted to stairs that curve upward. This also applies if you are planning to add stair chair lift in the future.

Focus on the Balustrade

Rather than focusing on the walls or the stairs themselves, focus on the banister. Consider replacing the traditional rail and spindles with something more elaborate that lets light shine through, such as floor-to-ceiling metal or bamboo poles. Alternatively, an elaborate design of cast iron or natural wood becomes a work of art itself.

Again, these design elements offer functionality and also contribute to the design aesthetic. Replacing a half-wall style staircase in a split entry with steel railings and glass insets will improve light distribution throughout a traditionally dark area of the home and improves the resale value.

Don’t let this wasted space be wasted any longer. The stairwell is a blank canvas waiting for some creativity that will add a cohesive design scheme throughout the various levels of your home. Person with reduced mobility can opt for a stair lift to facilitate movement between the floors — if you’re looking for a stair lift supplier visit Access BDD.