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Germans Ermičs’ Shaping Colour Collection

Lonneke van der Palen

Amsterdam-based designer Germans Ermičs has created a collection of coloured glass furniture as a part of his investigation into the relationship between colour and shape. “During the past 2 years my work has been concentrated on experimentation with simple forms in glass and ongoing in-depth research between the material and its chromatic expression,” says Germans Ermičs.


In the realm of production of objects the phase of colour application is normally seen as the final act of a process of assembly and manufacture, a procedure of finishing or decoration. “Instead of finishing a product by just painting it, I started from colour, wondering about what would it look like if I stretch, turn or fold the colour as if it was a three-dimensional shape,” explain the designer. “I wanted to treat the colour in a completely different way.”


Ermičs chose very simple geometric shapes and transformed its cold, linear geometry into an element of unprecedented depth, opening the way for a world of new interpretations. The colour becomes the element that generates the meaning of the form, transforming the pure geometry of material into an expressive object. The color has been applied to the objects through a particular process of pigmentation. Ermičs printed coloured ink onto a transparent film that was then sandwiched between two panes of glass and bonded together using heat. “In my work it’s a way of approaching colour as a true three-dimensional object having its own consistency.”

Titled Shaping Colour, the glass furniture collection includes a purple mirror, a blue shelf, a green side table and a yellow console table.

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all images by Lonneke van der Palen