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Got 15 Mins to Kill? Try These 8 Activities

Got 15 Mins to Kill? Try These 8 Activities

Keira Burton and Michael Burrows from Pexels

You’re waiting for your friend to come and pick you up but you’re ready early. The match on TV hasn’t started yet but you’ve got nothing to do. You missed the train so now you’ve got to wait for the next one. There are multiple situations where you find yourself with a bit of dead time. 15 minutes where nothing is happening and there’s nothing to do. Instead of just sitting in that boredom, try out one of these 8 activities to keep you entertained.

1. Do a Brain Puzzle

There are so many different puzzles to choose from. Crosswords, word searches, Sudoku’s, whatever you fancy! And it’s not like you even need a book; there are apps for every puzzle you could ever think of! A great way to kill time and get your brain ticking.

2. Yoga

Have your muscles been feeling a little tight recently? Are you not getting in as much exercise as you want? Yoga doesn’t have to mean hour-long sessions in tight clothing! Taking that spare 15 minutes to stretch it out will do you a whole world of good. And there are loads of short videos and guides to help you get started.

3. Take a Walk

Leave your phone in your pocket and just take a little wander, breathe in your surroundings, and notice things that would usually pass you by. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the centre of the city at rush hour or surrounded by natural wonder. Take a stroll, get some light exercise and re-ground yourself.

4, Online Casinos

Feeling lucky? Sign up to an online casino and try your hand at a bit of gambling. Don’t worry if you haven’t tried it before, it’s easy to get started and a perfect way to amuse yourself. And you might even win yourself a few bucks! It’s worth a try!

 Got 15 Mins to Kill? Try These 8 Activities

5. Read Something Interesting

We have so much information thrown at us through social media, so why not do a little research and read an interesting article about something that you want to know. Want to impress people with your wine knowledge? Been wondering about the life cycle of a frog? Whatever it is, give it a google. 

6. Learn a Language

Little and often is the key to learning a new language. So, whenever you find yourself with a spare 15 mins, learn some new words! There are multiple apps for on-the-go learning so you have no excuse! A short practice every day and you’ll be fluent in no time!

7. Draw

Get those creative juices flowing, put pencil onto paper and scribble out a masterpiece. You may not be Van Gogh yet, but you’re sure to see huge improvements if you dedicate each of your spare 15 minutes to a new drawing!

8. Find New Music

Bored of listening to the same music over and over again? Delve into the depths of the music world and discover new songs and artists to revamp your playlists. And why not have a little boogie while you’re at it?

It may not seem like long, but there are so many things you can do with a spare 15 minutes, so don’t waste them!