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Here’s How to Rent Out Your Property and Get Your Life Back

Here’s How to Rent Out Your Property and Get Your Life Back

Being a landlord takes hours from your day. At any point in time, you can get called away to deal with an emergency or a lesser problem that needs to be handled right away.

Evenings, weekends, and holidays could be interrupted, as can your weekdays. And you could lose even more time if you need to find a new tenant. Please keep reading to learn more about how an experienced property management company can make your life easier and give you back your time.

Tenant Screening

Securing a great tenant lets landlords feel confident they’ll receive rent payments on time, and their property will be respected. The best property management companies or tenant referencing providers have a comprehensive, multi-pronged tenant screening process that works in a few stages:

  • Employment letter
  • Credit bureau and credit check
  • Reference check
  • Tenant application

You’ll know who the tenant is and that they have ample income to pay rent each month, and you don’t need to spend your time to get this information.

24/7 Support

A pipe can leak at any time. Do you want to spend your life wondering at any given moment if you’ll get called away on landlord duties?

Professional management companies support you and your tenants at all hours of the morning, noon, and night. The best ones handle repairs and maintenance work transparently, usually by getting a quote at different price levels from three credible technicians. 

You and your tenant will love having prompt and effective help. They’ll feel like their home is cared for and valued, and happy tenants make for happier landlords. Plus, with professional help, screening tenants will take minutes, not hours.

 Here’s How to Rent Out Your Property and Get Your Life Back

Ongoing Tenant Relations

A satisfied tenant is a long-term tenant, and that’s the ideal situation for everyone. Renters want to feel like they have roots in the community, and staying in one place for a long time helps them achieve this.

Landlords want predictability and stability, and you can’t get that when you have a new tenant every year. However, delivering the services that make their tenure feel natural and easy take a lot of your spare time.

Professionals handle maintenance requests, collect payments, and do other tasks that renters will appreciate.


Finally, professional property management companies have resources, experience, and connections to help ensure your unit gets shown prominently and in the best light. They have social media networks and websites on which to place your ads and can also get them posted in glossy lifestyle magazines like Toronto Life.

You don’t need to be a marketing whizz or spend hours writing and crafting the best ad. Just sit back and let experienced professionals handle it.

Just about half of the people in Toronto rent their homes, and it’s vital for the community to feel connected to where they live. Give your tenants service and support they’ll genuinely appreciate without having to spend all your spare time in landlord duties by hiring a professional property management company.