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High Speed Hand Dryers – How To Keep Up With The Times

High Speed Hand Dryers - How To Keep Up With The Times

The world is moving forward at a faster pace every day. From political reform to personal development and sustainability strategies. COVID-19 also really added to our awareness, especially in hygiene. More now than ever we are moving toward more health conscious living, and washing your hands is the number one way to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. So how do we become a more healthy people, while also moving in the right direction sustainably?

Less Waste

In 1948 the Hot Air Hand Dryer was invented. It has since been developed to be more efficient and less noisy, but overall this invention gave people a new way of drying their hands that needed less upkeep and produced less paper waste. Paper towel rolls and dispensers have been a crowd favorite for a long time, but cost a lot to upkeep. Cases of paper towels can cost $15-30 a case and $1,460 annually(1).

Hot air hand dryers cost more upfront for the product itself and installation, but overall save money in the long term. And everyone likes to save the trees, right? With the thousands of hot air hand dryers installed over the last 70 years, thousands of trees have been saved as well.

Dry Time is Important

A couple problems arise with the use of hot air dryers, however, dry time, conveniency, and energy usage. When using a hot air dryer it can take 40-60 seconds to dry your hands, which causes a lot more problems than you’d think. An air Dryer can only be used by one person at a time, and people don’t even let their hands completely dry. This leads to a lot of wet hands, and wet hands are more susceptible to spreading germs than dry hands (2). Another way that leaving a bathroom with wet hands is less hygienic, is simply the fact that people end up wiping their hands on their clothes to dry them off. Whatever germs are on your clothes comes right back to your hands.

Around 2000 the birth of the high speed hand dryer came along. These high speed dryers (otherwise known as blade air hand dryers) you might recognize with brands like Xlerator™ or TURBO-Dri™, and use faster air instead of hot air. This solved multiple problems, most beneficial for the consumer- dry time. Instead of 60 seconds of dull hot air, the experience can now be 10-15 seconds, resulting in happier consumers and healthier hands! With a shorter dry time, and greater availability with faster use, people are much more likely to completely dry their hands, now leaving the restroom with cleaner hands!

Less Energy Usage

When thinking sustainably, energy usage and emissions is what is important. Hot air dryers actually have a very similar carbon footprint to paper towel dispensers, however, blade air hand dryers produce only one-third the amount of emissions (1). Turns out, not using hot air really helps with energy usage.

This transition to a more environmental option is highly supported, especially with its price tag! While high speed hand dryers may cost a bit more to install upfront, their annual cost makes up for it almost immediately, with a cost of $48 per year (1)

Future of Hand Hygiene

With all of it’s benefits, there is no better solution than high speed hand dryers. Hygienic and fast with less energy and waste- this option checks all the boxes! Next time you wash your hands and use a high speed hand dryer you’ll be helping your own health as well as the health of our planet. Congratulations! For more information about hand dryers and other washroom accessories visit us at Choice Builder Solutions.