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Home Decor Tips To Transform Your Home While Upholding Your Celtic Heritage

Home Decor Tips To Transform Your Home While Upholding Your Celtic Heritage

Whether you’ve recently purchased your first home or you’re redoing your home’s interiors and hoping to showcase your Celtic heritage, you might be in search of a few ideas to get started. While Celtic heritage is quite diverse and undeniably vibrant, decorating a home’s interiors can be a challenge as you will want to avoid a cluttered and overbearing result. Fortunately, these home decor tips will ensure you can decorate your home with Celtic finishes while still keeping the overall look modern and simplistic.

Irish Wall Decor

There is a wide variety of Celtic wall decorations on the market that can add a Celtic finish to almost any area of your home. However, the key is to opt for simplistic wall decorations and serve as accent finishing touches, avoiding too many wall decorations per room. You could consider a simple wall decoration with a trinity knot serenity prayer in your entrance wall or a Shamrock Fleur de Lis plaque to add a touch of vibrant color to your living room.

A Green Accent Wall

Accent walls have been trending in interior design for quite some time as the simple concept of painting one wall of a room with a vibrant pop of color can have a massive impact on the room’s overall look and feel. You could paint one wall of your living room a shade of green to compliment your Celtic decor and add an energetic vibrance to the area of your home. You can also create accent walls in your home with patterned or textured wallpaper for a more elegant touch.

 Home Decor Tips To Transform Your Home While Upholding Your Celtic Heritage

Celtic Throws And Scatter Cushions

A simple Celtic knot design throw can bring the charm of your Irish heritage to your living room without overpowering the area. You can also consider similar designs for scatter cushions with enchanting embroidered trinity symbols. Although, be sure to opt for minimal scatter cushions that are embroidered to ensure these elements draw the eye. Too many colorful scatter cushions may create a cluttered look. You can also even things out with larger plain scatter cushions in complimenting colors.

A Piece of Viking Heritage

Dublin is said to be built by the Vikings and flourished when they settled there. The Vikings’ influence on Irish life is also evident in art, language, and DNA. If you have Viking ancestry or want to incorporate their style into your home, consider this iconic Viking weapon. It can be a great decorative item or part of your reenactment ensemble.

Irish-Design Area Rugs

Area rugs are incredible for the living room, bedrooms, and even the dining room. However, when using an area rug to showcase your Irish lineage, you can find various Celtic designs that range from simplistic to highly detailed. As a result, you can find the perfect design to use the area rug to tie the room together without overpowering any other decor you have included in the room. Although more detailed designs usually work best for living room areas while a plain area rug with a Celtic knot border can transform your dining area with elegant Irish appeal.

When decorating your home to showcase your lucky lineage, it is best to consider modern interior design trends. You don’t have to mimic trend ideas, as you can add personal touches with your preferred choice of Celtic decorations. Regardless of your existing furnishings and interior design preferences, you can add Irish touches to your home in a smart way to make a massive impact.