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Home Design Trends for 2020 That Are Here to Stay

Home Design Trends for 2020 That Are Here to Stay

Have you been struck by the home renovation bug and you’re looking to update your interior design? While the rooms you designed may have been perfect and just what you were after at the time, eventually people start to get bored, it no longer works with their tastes and lifestyle, and there’s the fact that it’s nice to give a nod to current design trends to create a more stylish-looking home. 

So, if you’re looking to change up the design and décor in your home but aren’t exactly sure where to get started, here’s a look at some of the top design trends for 2020 that are here to stay. You can also look for Truoba contemporary house plans and there is a wide range of styles and designs which means you’re bound to find something that matches your vision.

It’s All About the Earth Tones

The first trend to take a look at is the color palette you choose in your home. For 2020, it’s all about the soft and natural earth tones, which can be carried throughout your home. This doesn’t just apply to the paint you put on the wall, but also your furniture, decor, flooring, cupboards, and hardware. 

Earth tones can range from cool blue tones to mimic the ocean and water, to warm shades of brown, yellow, and burn orange to give a nod to trees, leaves, and even sunsets. Any shade or color that you can find in nature works, just make sure you use consistency throughout your home to ensure there is flow.

 Home Design Trends for 2020 That Are Here to Stay

The Use of Wicker and Rattan Furniture

If you’re of the mindset that wicker and rattan furniture is just for the outdoors, it’s time to think again. This style of furniture is popping up in all the home design magazines for 2020 as a way to bring a sense of nature and casual elegance to your home. 

For those who want to be really trendy and stylish, be sure to mix the wicker and rattan with other more traditional pieces to create a unique and stunning vibe in the house. You can also carry that same earth tone color palette into your furniture choices, helping to further emphasize the look you’re going for.

Reclaimed Wood

Another huge trend that has been making its mark in the design world for the last couple of years and is once again popular in 2020, is reclaimed wood. Repurposing old timber and reclaimed wood has become a design trend that is used throughout the home, not just in specific rooms. It’s a way to bring a sense of the natural outdoor environment in, it adds warmth and comfort to a room, and for many homeowners, it’s a fabulous conversation piece as so many of these reclaimed wood pieces have a great story behind them.

As Manomin Resawn Timbers explains, reclaimed timbers are extremely versatile in that they can be used in designs that are rustic to chic. It acts as a focal point in a room and with so many types of wood beams and timbers to choose from, you can really tweak the feel of your home. As you investigate the differences between such options as antique Elm, box beams, hand-hewn, and reclaimed Douglas Fir to name a few, it becomes obvious just how much of an impact they will have in your home.

 Home Design Trends for 2020 That Are Here to Stay

Wallpaper Is Making a Comeback

There are certain design styles and elements that seem to have a repeating cycle that will have them in the spotlight for a period of time, and then they are forgotten about until finally being resurrected. Wallpaper definitely fits into this category, and once again, it’s enjoying a “moment”. Wallpaper is one of the hottest trends for 2020 but not just any wallpaper – large, loud, and bright floral prints.

The idea is that you use the wallpaper as your design pop and focus in the room, so that could mean just doing one wall as a focal wall. In terms of which rooms to use the wallpaper, you’ll find that the living room, family, and bedroom seem to be the most common place to hang it.

Keep in mind that today’s wallpaper installation is nothing like it used to be. Now you can pick from different adhesive options that are much easier, faster, and less messy to remove. This is perfect for the homeowner that is worried about the commitment that wallpaper requires. If you get tired of it in a year or two, it will be easy to remove.

Plenty of Ways to Update Your Home’s Interior Design

This is just a small look at the many interior design trends that are here to stay in 2020. Each one can be used in single rooms of your house, or used throughout for the maximum impact.