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Home Renovation Trends That Are Shaping 2020

As we approach the third quarter of 2020, you’ve probably witnessed most homeowners embracing the latest home renovation trends to devise incredible home improvement ideas. Thankfully, more new things are yet to happen in the remaining part of the year.

According to the Home Improvement Research Institute, the remodeling industry continues to transform steadily. Many homeowners are shifting their focus to renovation practices that guarantee value and quality, including exterior home improvements.

Whether remodeling an old house or building a new one, these home renovation trends can inspire your home appeal. Here are the latest renovation trends in the industry.

  1. Exterior Home Improvement Continue to Grow

As quoted in the cost vs. value report, exterior home improvement practices tend to yield higher returns on investments. Ninety percent of the best renovation investments are associated with exterior home improvements, except for minor kitchen remodeling.

Real estate investors continue to emphasize on exterior home renovations to attract prospective buyers. An improved house with a fantastic exterior façade creates an excellent impression to buyers, allowing the sellers to sell it at a higher price.

 Home Renovation Trends That Are Shaping 2020

  1. DIY Home Improvement is on the Rise

Most homeowners feel empowered to renovate and remodel their homes by themselves without involving professional renovators. The use of advanced technology and video tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest has made DIY projects more accessible.

Many homeowners also tend to search for information on how to install items before making any purchase. That’s why most manufacturers and retailers post “how to do” videos on their websites to help prospective buyers learn DIY practices. 

  1. Mobile Sales and Purchases are Winning the Market

Mobile sales and purchases continue to grow exponentially as many homeowners shop at their convenience. They prefer buying home improvement products promptly with a few clicks on their mobile devices and pick them in a few hours or minutes. 

Homeowners are shying away from online purchases that take days or weeks for items to get delivered. So, retailers need to shift their focus to mobile sales to make it easy for clients to order products and pick them within an hour in their nearest shopping stores.

  1. Money-Saving Home Improvements are Rising

Many homeowners focus on renovation practices that can help them save more money. Some home improvements that can save on costs include installation of energy-efficient lighting systems, improved roofing, and home insulation.

Homebuilders are also developing houses with energy-efficient features to save on energy costs. The new homes in the York region are an excellent example of houses with well-established energy-saving features such as insulated surfaces.

 Home Renovation Trends That Are Shaping 2020

Most homeowners consider painting as their primary home renovation practices, and that has resulted in the growth of paint companies. As the cheapest way to renovate a home, you can make your home look prettier one more time by repainting it. 

Since painting effects lighting, you can use new paints to brighten your house. Consider using different colored pallets in Vaughan to give your home a modern look. You may even spruce some rooms with wallpapers to make the house more beautiful and increase its value.

  1. Smart Technology Dominates the Industry

As home renovation technology advances, many homeowners continue to install smart technological gadgets in their houses to make their lives more comfortable. Besides, the devices provide timely solutions to problems facing most homeowners. 

Smart technological devices are easy to use due to their simple designs and improved efficiency. Their innovative functionalities reduce human efforts to accomplish tasks. Some of the smart technological devices for home renovation include:

  • Robot vacuum cleaners
  • Wireless LED light bulbs
  • Thermal leak detector
  • Z-Wave enabled devices

The good news is that one can control these devices remotely using a smartphone. So, homeowners should ensure that they have a secure Wi-Fi connection.

Final Words

The real estate sector continues to experience significant transformations in 2020. We still expect more trends to emerge, including customized house features, eco-friendly house set-ups, and open kitchens. Homeowners are also establishing incredible interior designs to cope with the trending house styles.