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Hot Topic Designs – 5 Summer Home Improvement Ideas

Hot Topic Designs - 5 Summer Home Improvement Ideas

As we approach the end of this summer season, projects that would have made your home more comfortable were passed on this year. However, as opposed to not attempting to improve the comfort, and in some cases, the value of the home, consider planning your projects, so that next summer is one that sees your home fitted out with modern improvements. There are so many ways to improve the value and comfort of your home. From redoing your patio and deck to reflect a more modern space or updating kitchen cabinets, making the space contemporary can be a lot of fun and a new experience. However, homeowners this year can go further in creating a space that is not only comfortable but can help them generate some extra savings. Continue reading to learn a few simple ways to improve your home in time for summer.

Install Blinds

One small project that can translate into making any space more comfortable is changing out old blinds for new ones. Today’s owners have many options to choose from in window coverings including Romans blinds, which are always popular, and timber Venetian blinds. Blinds can make a space attractive without the hassles that go along with excessive maintenance, and in some cases, they can help reduce the amount of heat that enters the home.

Install A Roof Ventilation System

If looking to significantly reduce heating and cooling costs, a roof ventilation system is one of the best ways to conserve energy in the summer. A solar attic fan can be a good example of the roof ventilation system which is also energy & cost efficient as it runs on solar power. These systems work by reducing the amount of heat and moisture in your attic, helps to promote energy efficiency in the summer by reducing the pressure on your air conditioner, and it can also improve insulation in the winter. While a costly improvement, it can translate into savings in both the summer and winter.

Install Energy-Efficient Windows

Consumers can install energy efficient windows as well. These windows are another way to reduce costs during extreme weather seasons that fluctuate between very hot in the summer months and very cold in the winter months. Energy efficient windows are another way to better insulate your home to prevent the house from heating up excessively during the summer.

Consider Landscaping

Another project that can improve the curb appeal of your home is to enlist the help of a landscaper. Landscapers can help get your backyard in order so that your lawn appears manicured. Landscapers will not only design your lawn and yard, but they can also advise you of plants that are appropriate for decorating your yard.

If you find landscaping to be out of budget, consider having a landscaper come out once or twice a season to do the major mowing, trimming, and pruning. Then, in between visits, maintain the lawn yourself. Taking care of a lawn can be quite a hassle in the summer months when grass typically grows faster, but a well-landscaped yard can add much value to your home’s appeal and value.

 Tower House / Dominic McKenzie

Consider Taking A Green Stance

Taking a greener approach can be as simple as using LED lighting in exchange for incandescent light bulbs. Homeowners can also install motion lights in some of the more highly-trafficked areas to reduce energy costs. Then, there also skylights that will allow you to let natural light into the home directly from the ceiling. Finally, there are always solar panels which will significantly reduce energy use in the home.

Home Improvement In Time For Summer

Making improvements to a home will always be a significant cost. When making a choice to improve certain aspects of the home, these improvements should directly translate into savings for the homeowner. By investing in improvements that reduce energy costs or improve the appearance of the home, you are sure to recoup from your projects in the long run.