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House in Cala Canyet by Anna Podio

Jordi Miralles

Barcelona-based firm Anna Podio arquitectura has recently completed this modern and sleek house on Spain’s Costa Brava. Distributed on two floors, the arrangement of the three open blocks from east to west in a 180 degree orientation over the Mediterranean Sea allows its occupants to contemplate the course of the sun from sunrise to sunset.

The infinite pool, of small dimensions, intends to bring the sea into the building giving it a piece of the Mediterranean halfway between the living room and the kitchen.


The lower level floor, with three underground facades, provides the rooms that benefit from the thermal inertia. The original site, with a steep slope towards the sea, represented a constructive challenge when seating the building and integrating it into the landscape. Avoiding earth movements and environmental impact was a challenge, and at the same time the most rewarding part of the project.


The garden was designed with ground cover, aromatic and shrubby plants, as well as native trees. Natural limestone and a large format of porcelain tiles make up the façade cladding. The first one, white stone, was placed on the upper floor to play with volumes and light. The second, black ceramic, covered the ground floor, giving it lightness and merging it with the soil and vegetation.

 house-in-cala-canyet-by-anna-podio-arquitectura-photo-by-Jordi-Miralles-4 house-in-cala-canyet-by-anna-podio-arquitectura-photo-by-Jordi-Miralles-5 house-in-cala-canyet-by-anna-podio-arquitectura-photo-by-Jordi-Miralles-6 house-in-cala-canyet-by-anna-podio-arquitectura-photo-by-Jordi-Miralles-7 house-in-cala-canyet-by-anna-podio-arquitectura-photo-by-Jordi-Miralles-8 house-in-cala-canyet-by-anna-podio-arquitectura-photo-by-Jordi-Miralles-9 house-in-cala-canyet-by-anna-podio-arquitectura-photo-by-Jordi-Miralles-10 house-in-cala-canyet-by-anna-podio-arquitectura-photo-by-Jordi-Miralles-11 house-in-cala-canyet-by-anna-podio-arquitectura-photo-by-Jordi-Miralles-12 house-in-cala-canyet-by-anna-podio-arquitectura-photo-by-Jordi-Miralles-13 house-in-cala-canyet-by-anna-podio-arquitectura-photo-by-Jordi-Miralles-14

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