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House Redesign: What Do You Need to Pay Attention to Before?

House Redesign: What Do You Need to Pay Attention to Before?

Before starting interior metamorphoses, it is useful to do a large-scale cleaning and get rid of unnecessary things. Sometimes this is enough to freshen up the atmosphere in the house. Then, after thoroughly examining the premises, decide what and where you would like to renovate. It is much easier to refresh the interior with a neutral finish. If the walls have a specific palette or stylized texture, play with eclecticism, adding elements of other design directions.

Developing a Plan

When creating a new layout, one must take into account the size of the living space, the number of people living, their idea of ​​comfort and convenience, the family’s lifestyle. In apartment buildings, it is important to use every meter wisely, therefore, in large rooms, it is important to divide the space into functional zones. A common option is combining a kitchen and a living room, but there may be other combinations.

If the kitchen is large, it is worth placing a seating or dining area in it. This applies to families who rarely cook at home. In order to create a furniture placement project, you first have to measure all surfaces, and then meticulously transfer them to paper in a reduced size. Any transfers of walls and communications must be coordinated at this first stage.

You need to immediately determine what kind of wallpaper you will glue or what kind of tiles you will lay since some materials must be ordered in advance and wait for them for several months. This also applies to plumbing. By the way, 3d modeling services will be very helpful in this case, as you will have an opportunity to look into your future design through all aspects.

Contractor Selection

Now a few words about how to choose a contractor in order to avoid the hassle, extended deadlines, overpayments, hidden construction defects, and imperfections that appear sometime later.

The most reliable and proven way of choosing a contractor for renovation is word of mouth, which is still one of the best advertising options for any company.

Indeed, it is unlikely that anyone will remember swindlers and scammers with a kind word or advise friends, and good workers are always passed on, as they say, “from hand to hand.”

Therefore, when choosing a contractor on the Internet, always read the “reviews” section.

Be sure to look at their finished apartments, which have already been renovated.

Feel free to ask all kinds of questions. Indeed, if you do not have professional knowledge, then you will not be able to determine how well these or those works are performed.

Also, it is desirable that the builders not only correctly fulfil the agreements and wishes of the customer, but also give their recommendations because the owners often do not fully understand the final result. For example, many customers ask to install a warm floor in a nursery, and such floors can be installed only under the tiles, since the parquet board, which is most often laid out in the children’s room, will dry out and warp from this. The customer needs to be given professional advice on time.

 House Redesign: What Do You Need to Pay Attention to Before?

Wall Decoration

Along with traditional wallpaper, decorative plasters and paints are increasingly used for wall decoration. The latter has a certain advantage since they do not form seams or joints on the surface and do not need to adjust the pattern. Entrust the work with decorative plaster to a specialist: it requires high qualifications. The process of applying most plasters must not be interrupted, otherwise, a visible joint will form. To create an original relief over the entire surface, appropriate skills are required. The choice of color is perhaps more important than the choice of material. As a rule, the walls are made lighter than the furniture, and a catchy drawing or bright color is good only to create accents: if one wall is made one tone lighter, then a feeling of a sunny day will appear. For those who find it difficult to decide on a color, it is better to dwell on achromatic tones, that is, combined with all other shades of gray and white. Light walls are a win-win option for rooms with a small area: they will visually expand the space.

According to Wallpaper Boulevard, wallpaper is a very expressive and affordable decorating and finishing material. They will never go out of fashion: technology allows you to make a huge number of wallpapers with interesting textures, color-graphic and stylistic solutions.

Features of Each Stage

Not all mistakes can be corrected during the renovation, so you need to carefully plan each stage of it. Tips from professional builders will help you avoid mistakes, defects, and waste of time for rework.

When overhauling with redevelopment, it is advisable to change the windows, since their installation is a dirty process. Even if the electrical wiring is in good condition, it is better to replace it using only copper wires during installation.

When looking at a floor covering, you need to pay attention not only to its appearance but also to its strength and environmental friendliness. It is better for pet owners not to use laminate flooring, as it tends to rise due to moisture ingress.

The door blocks are placed on the dowel nails, and then the gaps between the opening and the frame are filled with polyurethane foam. But some types of doors require concrete pouring, despite the fact that the manufacturer does not do this. You can do it yourself, but in case of complex repair work, the doors will be installed by the company’s employees. This is another plus of attracting a serious contractor.

If you are not an expert, then you should not apply decorative plaster yourself, moreover, this process assumes continuity. It is important to avoid scams. Before glueing the wallpaper, the uneven wall needs to be putty. To make the joints even, you need to overlap the wallpaper. Moreover, it will be effective to read more about methods of saving costs on any construction project. As a result, you will come up with the best project without additional expenses.