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House Tweaks that Please Almost Everyone: 4 Tips to Start

Not every tweak to your house must be substantial; some house tweaks can please the occupants without necessarily needing to be a major overhaul to achieve the result. Here are 4 tips to get you started. 

Whole House Water Filtration

A whole house water filtration system is one that is appreciated by all. It’s also something that people don’t need to think about. Instead of having to remember to refill a water jug in the refrigerator, the clean filtered water seemingly never runs out with a system for the entire home.  

Now, while the system may get overlooked by many, it’s important to remember that they do use a filter that requires a periodical replacement. The Discount Filter Store is ideally positioned to answer this demand with its range of replacement filters for many household water systems. 

Blinds in the Kitchen 

When you walk into the kitchen first thing in the morning, you’re faced by sunlight that’s too much for your eyes to bear. What makes this easier to handle is when you invest in window treatments like adjustable blinds or roller blinds that pull down to restrict how much sunlight streams in. This gives your sleep-crusted eyes time to adjust to natural sunlight while paddling around the kitchen in your slippers. 

Pulldown window coverings are adjustable in terms of their height, but blinds are preferred. They can be tweaked during different times of the day depending on how much natural light is desirable. With roller blinds, this is less viable. 

 House Tweaks that Please Almost Everyone: 4 Tips to Start

Clear Out the Garage

If your garage has become less of a car storage or DIY work area and more of a dumping ground for odds and ends that you don’t have space for in the house, that’s a problem. It gets in the way of anyone who needs to park their automobile in the garage. Also, to the outward appearance, it doesn’t look good to anyone visiting who sees a junkyard for a garage too. 

Spend a bit of time sorting through what’s there. Decide what should be given away or sold on eBay for profit. A good rule of thumb is anything that hasn’t been used in a year probably can be disposed of. Furthermore, if there’s no space for it inside the main living area, that tells you all you need to know. 

Reclaim your garage for its original purpose and use your home to its fullest potential. 

Spare Bedroom Never Used? Convert it into an Office

For larger homes, we’ve often got a spacious bedroom that we’ve set aside for visiting guests. The only problem with this is that the guests may be few and far between. Most prefer to make their arrangements by booking a nearby hotel or cute B&B that they saw on the way. It allows visitors more freedom in their schedule while avoiding feeling like they’re imposing. 

Accept this. Convert the spare bedroom into a functional office. It will be a great place to get work done, put time into special projects, or just as a place to do some quiet reading. 

If you get started on the first suggestion this weekend, you’ll whip through them in no time at all.