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How ICC Property Management Provides Superior Property Maintenance

How ICC Property Management Provides Superior Property Maintenance

Property management and maintenance are the two most crucial aspects of any real estate business. They’re as important as petrol is for an automobile. Therefore, every organization must pay extra attention to the maintenance as it will preserve and enhance the company’s value and income. 

Property maintenance is an art that has been mastered by ICC Property Management. Poor maintenance of the property gives rise to reduced property value, and nobody is interested in purchasing a property that requires a lot of repairs. Thus, ICC makes sure that its property in every region is well maintained by following the below-mentioned policies. 

Prepare A Checklist

To provide superior quality property maintenance, this company creates a checklist that includes things, such as:

  • Plumbing 
  • Grass cutting and weed plugging
  • Regular cleaning 
  • Getting rid of any stagnant water
  • Whitewash etc. 

These checklists assist the administration in taking care of their property efficiently. Moreover, they have seasonal, yearly, or monthly lists as well for better and more regular procedures. Services are also conducted of the electronic appliances in these properties frequently to increase their shelf life. 

 How ICC Property Management Provides Superior Property Maintenance

On-Call Service Providers

Tenants living in the apartments and on other rented properties shall call the authority for any downfall encountered by them pertained to the home. Therefore, the ICC has established an on-call service providing a portal that helps all its tenants whenever they’re in need. 

Many problems faced in daily life can be solved with a single help, and the people on this portal help the tenants with all types of issues faced by them. Furthermore, if the problem becomes uncontrollable, immediate assistance is sent to ensure the safety of the people living in and around their property. 

Asks For Feedbacks

Apart from the regular rendering checks to the property, ICC also demands feedback from the client. This helps them to render the required services to the occupants. These suggestions also help the company to come across various new methods that can preserve their property for a longer duration of time. 

This is the reason why ICC is successful in bringing the most superior quality properties forward. Flats, apartments, etc. are sold majorly based on how they look. Therefore, they strive to make their property appear visually appealing to captivate more and more clients. 

 How ICC Property Management Provides Superior Property Maintenance

Enough Funds

Most of the real estate companies give the excuse of not having enough funds for their poor maintenance. However, ICC has allocated a separate account which deals exclusively with the support of their property. The expenditure involved in treating a leaking pipe, ceiling, broken wires, etc. are charged from there. 

They also charge an additional amount from the residents for maintenance to provide their clients with extra services, such as air purifiers, gym, swimming pool maintenance, etc. Their financial department makes sure that enough payment is released every month to meet with the claimed repairs. Consequently, this real estate organization is competent to implement a superior quality property to all its clients with its great maintenance strategies.