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How Much Should You Tip Movers Toronto?

How Much Should You Tip Movers Toronto?

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Hiring a moving movers Toronto company when moving houses makes your transition easy and stress-free. They pack stuff in your old house, handle it with the care it needs, and move it to the new home without you putting a finger or lifting anything. Others even offer to arrange stuff in your new house, according to the instructions you give them. 

Moving companies offer different services depending on their policy. Prices can range with the distance and number of items you are moving. However, hiring movers is worth the cost. Every moving company, i.e., Sokol Moving has a crew that comes to carry items from your house. Sometimes homeowners are confused if you should always tip movers Toronto. This will help you decide. 

1. Is Tipping Movers Necessary? 

Moving is a hard job, and although you pay the moving company for the service, it is essential to tip movers Toronto because they do all the hard work. A tip is an appreciation for the service. If you were satisfied with the mover’s service, tipping them makes it certain to the movers that they did a good job. The movers will be happy, and they will feel appreciated. 

Although most homeowners will feel the pressure to tip, remember that this is a personal decision. You should not feel obligated to tip movers, and you should only tip them if you feel like it. 

2. How Much For the Movers?

A tip should be an extra amount from what you pay the moving company. The amount you give will depend on the amount of work the movers did. If you have packed all your items and are just awaiting transportation, you can give $20 to every mover. If the distance is long and the movers have a lot of work, you can tip each mover at $30-$50. 

 How Much Should You Tip Movers Toronto?

3. How To Decide The Amount You Will Tip

Although you decide on the amount to tip depending on your experience and satisfaction, these factors can help you decide. If the movers Toronto went far and beyond to give you a good service, you could tip more. If the service was not very satisfying, you could reduce the tip amount, and if you didn’t like many things about the service, you don’t have to tip them. 

How Complicated The Move Was

If the movers had to climb up and down flights of stairs and they did that while caring for your items, you can give them an extra tip. The amount you give will also depend on the number of floors they had to move down when loading the items and the number of floors the new house has. 

The Weather During The Moving

Moving when it is freezing is a hard job. The movers have to deal with the cold outside and some snow forming on the items. During summer, the sun is hot, and the movers sweat as they carry the things up the flight of stairs. 

Quality Of The Service

Was their service satisfactory? If they offered exceptional service, give a bigger tip. You might need the same movers the next time you are moving houses again. 

4. When Should You Not Tip?

Although it is courteous for you to tip, there are scenarios where you are allowed not to tip. This applies to instances when you are not happy with the service. Some of these moments when you are allowed not to tip the movers are;

  1. When the movers Toronto showed up very late outside the agreed time without calling to say they’ll be late or apologizing
  2. If the movers were rude and did not listen to instructions
  3. If some of your items were damaged because of the mover’s carelessness. 

Working with a reputable moving company will minimize the chances of you facing these challenges. Before hiring a moving company, ensure you check their website thoroughly and look at the customer reviews to know them well. 

5. Money Is Not The Only Way To Tip

You can show appreciation in other ways except using money. If you are happy with the movers’ job, you could appreciate them by;

  1. Provide cold drinks and snacks after they are done. This quenches their thirst and reduces the hunger from carrying the heavy stuff. 
  2. Saying a genuine thank you 
  3. Providing breakfast, lunch, or dinner after they are done moving. This will depend on the time of the day 
  4. Leaving a good review on the company’s website