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How Should I Pack To Move Cross Country?

How Should I Pack To Move Cross Country?

Packing and moving is a stressful job even when you are moving into the country. But this can be an intimidating task, stressful and costly when you are making a move across the country. The decision to move is hard, but you have made it, that’s great. There can be many reasons for this decision, a high paying job, your heart is leading you there, your husband’s job transfer, etc.

Doesn’t matter whatever is the reason but to be true moving is not that easy. You have consulted with all your friends and family member and came to this hard decision of moving. So now, it’s time to pack and move. First thing first you need to clean, declutter and organize your goods. Why do you want to pay even for the things which are not of any use? Dump them where you are right now. Pack things which are of use only.

This short listing process should start at least two months before moving across the country. Then you will have ample time to decide whether you need that to be packed or left unpacked wherever you are staying now. Here we are sharing a simple plan that can help you in packing when you have decided to move across the country.

The most essential thing while shifting cross country with all your luggage and family, you will require the best cross country movers whom you can rely on and let your entire luggage’s handover to them for a safe and secured shifting.

But before shortlisting the best mover you need to take care of the following things:

Clean your house: We tend to accumulate stuff in our home and think sitting by them someday I need to take out time and shortlist which stuffs I need and should be kept. But that day doesn’t come. It is nothing but procrastination. So now is the time to work on this. You will not be able to pack unless you know what things that you require. So clean your house and get things sorted. 

Get rid of the items that are not required: Take things needed. For example, packing all your term papers to date doesn’t make sense. Trust us you will never need them again in your life. Or look for clothes which you don’t fit into, and neither will you fit in them ever. Donate them. Try to pack as less as possible so that your cost of transferring your luggage reduce.

Sell your stuff before you move: This is a big question where you can sell all your unwanted products. You can use the Facebook marketplace, eBay, Offer up and let it go apps to sell off your goods. As you started this process of shortlisting products two months ago, you have ample of time to list your goods and sell off. You can even donate clothes to charities, local homeless shelters, churches to name a few.

Get rid of extra stuff: Sometimes we carry things with us and pay a considerable amount for moving, check before you do that. Maybe you will find that repurchasing will be less costly than shifting. Therefore, you need to sit and find out even more stuff that you will not require. Mainly try to drop products from heavy furniture. The more the heaviness of the product the more will be incurred cost. 

So, don’t get tensed, check these steps before you move to a different country. These steps will help you to move your pieces of stuff quickly and at less cost.