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How to Build a Summerhouse

A summerhouse is a great addition to a garden. It provides a comfortable, sheltered seating area that enables you to enjoy the garden in any weather. Perfect for escaping to a quiet place to read, work or to entertain guests during the summer months, if you have the space to build one it’s worth doing. It’s also a feature that could help to add value to your home, so what more reason do you need? You can hire professionals to put a summerhouse up for you, or you can do it yourself. If you’re interested in trying the latter, here are some things you will need to keep in mind before you build. 


Any structure needs to have solid foundations, otherwise, you’re likely to have problems later on. If you want a static summerhouse then a concrete foundation is best, and this tends to be more stable. However, there are options to have a slab as a foundation and this will give you the option to move it if you decide to reposition your summerhouse at a later date. Either way, you must make sure the ground you’re going to place your summerhouse on is flat and level before you begin further construction. 

 How to Build a Summerhouse


Summer houses tend to be made from timber and this is a lighter material and achieves a rustic look. However, there are other options or you could build one out of brick, although this might require certain planning permissions, so do your research first. If you are going to use wood as the main material for your summerhouse, pine and spruce are the most popular choices. Make sure the wood has been treated first to prevent water damage. 

The Roof

Again, wood is often used to build the structure of the roof but you will need to cover it with the correct damp proofing materials and suitable tiles, or felt to keep the water out. There are various things you will need for building and roofing projects such as this, shop around to find the best deals and educate yourself before you start to avoid problems during your summerhouse construction. 

 How to Build a Summerhouse


Once you have the main structure completed you will need to install the flooring. If you want to keep in theme with the wooden, rustic look then hardwood floors would be the way to go. However, polished concrete flooring can look just as good if you want something a little bit different, although this might not be suitable if you have chosen to construct a summerhouse that can be moved. 


Finally, you will need to put in some windows so you can look out at your garden and enjoy the view. The majority of summerhouses have windows all around for a more panoramic view across the garden, but if you wanted to make yours a little more private you can reduce the number. Even if you’re planning to build a summerhouse yourself, consider having a professional to install the windows to be on the safe side. 

You can brighten up your summerhouse with some paint and fill it with comfortable furniture so you can enjoy it all summer long.