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How to Design Your Home in a Stylish and Senior Friendly Way

How to Design Your Home in a Stylish and Senior Friendly Way

Designing your home is an exciting and fun time, especially if you are interested in interior design. However, as you get older, the way you style and design your space will change based on your needs and wants. As you get older, the things you like will change, you may get over interior design choices you used to love when you were younger. You may want to completely redesign a space in your home after looking at the same things for years. 

3 Stylish Home Design Ideas: Senior Edition

As you age, you will also require certain things in your home that you might not have in your younger years;. An expert from a company that handles in-home senior care pointed out that it’s important for people to style and design their home with their future in mind. She added that the style and design of a home will not only make living more comfortable for people as they age, but it can also make it safer. This post will detail 4 ways to style your home in a senior-friendly way.

 How to Design Your Home in a Stylish and Senior Friendly Way

Play With Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is important for seniors as it can prevent slips and falls. Many seniors hurt themselves as they are making their way to turn on lights at night and this is largely due to lights and lighting fixtures not being designed for seniors. 

As you plan to design your space, play around with lighting fixtures that will be practical for your home as you age. Think about the placement of lights as well as the kind of lighting fixtures that will make your home safe. Some lighting fixtures that will not only be senior-friendly but will also look great include:

  • Clap on chandeliers
  • Motion sensor geometric hanging lights 
  • Floor lights 
  • Stands of lights that go on with a timer
  • Smart lighting fixtures

Think About the Layout

The layout of your home is an important interior design aspect that you need to think about. And when it comes to designing your home as you age, it’s best to consider an open floor layout. Open floor layouts are best for seniors as it takes away some of the risks of trips, falls, and bumping into things. Seniors that have too much furniture is too small of a space are at risk of getting hurt and these injuries can be life-threatening and altering; an open floor plan will help avoid this.

 How to Design Your Home in a Stylish and Senior Friendly Way

As you redesign your space, think of the best place to put the furniture in an attractive way. Avoid putting too much furniture in a space and get rid of furniture that will make the space too crowded. In your golden years, aim for simplicity and the bare minimum; this is especially true if you plan to ever relocate to a senior living community. If you plan to relocate it will be best to only have what you need rather than excess furniture.

Your Kitchen is Key

Your kitchen is one of the most important areas of your home. Your kitchen is a room that will get a lot of traffic and is a place that you will spend a lot of time. Therefore, it only makes sense that it is as stylish yet as safe as possible. Some ways to make your kitchen senior-friendly include:

  • Drawers under your countertops instead of cabinets so you don’t have to bend down as much
  • D- type handles on cabinets as they are easier to grip on to
  • An island on wheels so that it can be moved around as you walk; this is especially beneficial for seniors that require a walker or wheelchair
  • A surface that you can sit down at to prepare food so that you don’t have to stand as standing can become more strenuous with age
  • Cabinets anywhere but over the stove; if your balance isn’t great you can lean too far over the hot surface and get burned

As you incorporate some of these safety features, try to make them as stylish and authentic as possible with attractive designs, and use unique materials.

 How to Design Your Home in a Stylish and Senior Friendly Way

Design Your Home With Your Future in Mind

Designing your home with your future in mind is crucial if you are 55+. It’s best to be proactive when it comes to designing your home so that you can avoid any injuries that could arise. Continue to make it as stylish as possible while keeping safety at the forefront of your mind. Keep these tips in mind as you plan your home redesign, you will be grateful later.


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