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How to Incorporate the Scandi Look in a Property

How to Incorporate the Scandi Look in a Property

Home design trends change year upon year, but some themes remain popular no matter how much time passes. The Scandinavian trend is a great example. This warm, cozy theme has been popular for decades and it shows no signs of going anywhere anytime soon. So, how can you incorporate the Scandi look into the home? Here, you’ll discover some great tips and advice you can follow to utilize the theme.

Start by de-cluttering

Before starting on your Scandi design, the first thing you’ll want to do is de-clutter the space. A clean, organized and minimalistic look is key to getting the Scandinavian trend right so if your house is currently full of clutter, it’s going to need to go.

Sort through all of your belongings to see what needs to be thrown away. This can be a pretty big job so it’s worth splitting it down into sections. Go room-by-room, de-cluttering small areas at a time to prevent it from becoming overwhelming.

Invest in the right lighting

As the Scandinavian region doesn’t receive much in the way of natural lighting for six months of the year, you’ll find it’s important to Scandinavians to create homes which feature a bright, airy feel. This means, the lighting you choose in your Scandinavian style theme is going to be crucially important. As well as ensuring you have a minimalistic style ceiling light from a company like Cox & Cox, you’ll also want to reflect natural light back into the room via mirrors and reflective surfaces. Adding plenty of candles and even a dimmer switch can also help you to create the look.

 How to Incorporate the Scandi Look in a Property

It’s all about the wood

Of course, another common feature of Scandi design, is wood. This includes both the flooring and the furniture. So, if you currently have carpets, these will need to be replaced with a wooden floor, preferably a real wood rather than laminate. You can add rugs to increase warmth and comfort too.

Focus on quality not quantity

Finally, Scandi design focuses more on quality than quantity. The theme is very minimalistic, but the pieces of furniture and focal points in the home do tend to have a more luxurious design. So, be prepared to spend more on less to complete the theme. When you spend more on key pieces of furniture, they’ll last longer too. So, the money you spend will be more of an investment.

These are just some of the ways you can create a beautiful Scandinavian theme in the home. If you follow the advice above, you should be able to easily incorporate Scandi design into each room of the house. The key is to keep it simple yet elegant, with warm wooden touches throughout.

 How to Incorporate the Scandi Look in a Property