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How to Integrate Art into Your Home without Spending a Fortune

How to Integrate Art into Your Home without Spending a Fortune

Works of art can bring sophistication and a sense of gravity to any home, and they can reveal a lot about the owner’s character and worldview. But buying art can be a daunting process, not to mention that it’s simply beyond most people’s budget. But the good news is that if you’re looking to integrate artworks into your home, there’s another approach you can take – unleashing your own creativity. 

This article will introduce you to some simple, affordable ways to incorporate creative elements into your home. There are many ways to make your home decor reflect your personality and style in a totally unique way.

Canvas Prints – Creative and Imposing Art

You can create affordable personalized wall art by getting your own photos printed on canvas. Whichever photos you choose – vacation shots, portraits of loved ones or pets, or abstract captures – they’ll be turned into fine art by top-quality printing on fine-grained canvas. Hanging canvas prints on your walls is an excellent solution if you want to give any room an artistic vibe.

Printing photos on canvas has become easier and cheaper than ever before – there are a plethora of online services, so all you need to do is choose a reputable company, upload your pictures to their website, complete your order and wait for your print to arrive. The canvas material will come stretched over an inner frame (the best printing companies, such as CanvasDiscount.com, use only hand-made wooden frames for their canvas), ensuring a perfectly taut surface and excellent durability. And to give you an idea of just how wallet-friendly canvas prices can be, the entry price for a CanvasDiscount.com print is only $5!

Metal Prints – Contemporary Design and Superb Durability

Metal prints are a great alternative to canvas prints, especially suited to a contemporary design scheme. Metal prints are made from a polyethylene core enclosed by a pair of aluminum sheets, with a smooth, glossy surface that picks up the light and produces glimmering reflections. One advantage of metal prints is their fantastic durability – you can expect a whole lifetime of great performance.

Some companies, such as CanvasDiscount.com, offer an extra UV protective layer as standard – reassuring if you’ll be displaying your wall art in a room which gets a lot of sunlight. With their versatile aesthetic, metal prints can either bring warmth to a space or help produce a refined professional atmosphere. They pair beautifully with industrial design as well as mid-century modern interiors.

 How to Integrate Art into Your Home without Spending a Fortune

Macramé – Earthy, Bohemian Decor Features

Looking for creative hand-made home decor to hang on your walls? Consider macramé – a home decor trend which originated in the Victorian era but is now having a renaissance. With its hand-crafted charm, macramé brings an earthy boho feel to any space. It provides texture and natural charm, making it an excellent way to balance rigid lines and surfaces. With a huge range of colors and patterns available, the possibilities are endless: you can create wall decorations, throws for your couch, or hanging plant holders. And of course, making them yourself will save you money compared to buying them on the high street.

A number of macramé varieties exist, so if you’re aiming for a more contemporary feel, look for pieces with smoother cord and no frayed ends. And make sure they’re mounted on smooth dowels or metal rods.

Mirrors – Charming Elegance

Mirrors aren’t usually considered art objects in themselves, but they can function as striking expressions of your personal aesthetic – as well as having their obvious practical uses. You can get creative with the shape of your mirror, as well as experiment with frames that incorporate decorative details. Whether you’re looking to complement a traditional decor scheme or you prefer contemporary styles, you’ll find a huge range of elegant designs on sale. 

How to Choose Art for Your Home Decor

When choosing individual works of art, you must of course be guided by your own sense of style and aesthetics. But when it comes to an integrated interior design scheme, there does need to be a certain balance. When hanging wall art, for example, there’s no need to fill every wall space with pictures. In fact, empty wall space can be used as a crucial design element in itself. But so long as you can avoid a cluttered feel, go ahead and experiment until your artistic home design scheme feels just right!