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How to Make Your Home Cosier

How to Make Your Home Cosier

Cosy homes make for a really functional and warm living space, especially in the colder and darker months, and when you want to snuggle down for the evening. If you have got an open space that feels a little cold or perhaps bland and you’re looking to improve it in a cosy way, here’s how. 

Use Soft Furnishings

Nothing says cosy like soft furnishings. It doesn’t even have to be a lot – if you choose one or two signature features, such as a large area rug or a thick throw for your sofa, it can make all the difference. This can make it’s cosier under your feet as well as when you relax on the sofa for the evening. 

For extra features, throw in some area cushions or thicker curtains as opposed to cold, wooden blinds.

 How to Make Your Home Cosier

Make Use of Warm Colours

The most obvious warm colours are bolder options like deep oranges or reds. However, if you’re not a fan of darker colours, you can still create warmth with more neutral shades. You could try for a shade that has a subtle, warm sheen to it, such as eggshell or maybe a subtle peach sheen. 

You can always incorporate warm colours in your furnishings, too, as a contrast if you would prefer to keep plain walls. However, if you’re unsure of how to use colours properly, look for design advice from specialists like 42 Lounge. This way, you don’t have to worry about clashing patterns or shades, and you can create the home of your dreams that is the ultimate cosy paradise!

Use the Right Lighting

Warm lighting in the right place has the ability to make any room feel cosy. You should think about warmer coloured bulbs as opposed to colder, blue light, and make sure that the right areas of the space are lit up so that you have no corners which are neglected or feel darker.

For the ultimate cosy experience, also think about scented candles and fairy lights, which you can position in a creative way. 

 How to Make Your Home Cosier

Integrate a Fireplace

A crackling fire is going to be the pinnacle of cosiness, and will really set the mood when seasons such as Christmas come along. A fireplace itself not only makes a room instantly brighter and warmer, but it gives you the chance to truss up the mantelpiece and surround, too, such as with warm furnishings or candles. 

If you already have a fireplace, be sure that you’re making use of it, but if you don’t have one and there is potential to have one installed in your room, this will be an advantageous investment for warmth and cosiness, especially as a focal point for the space, too. 

Integrate Plants and Flowers 

Not only are plants and flowers great for the home anyway, but they can add layers of colour to any room. Warm coloured plants or flowers, such as those that bloom with reds or oranges, will create warmth and can offer a great contrast for those rooms painted in white or more neutral colours. 

You can also choose quirky and cosy pots for your plants and flowers to add that extra touch of colour, too.