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How to Make Your Home More Functional

How to Make Your Home More Functional

Andre Mortatti

A functional home is a better home. They’re more efficient, adaptable, and often more aesthetically pleasing spaces too. A practical home reflects a responsible and creative homeowner, so don’t shy away from making any adjustments that you think will really boost your quality of living. There’s lots of room for enhancements here. There’re many worthwhile ideas and various avenues to explore here. But which suggestions are the most advisable? Consequently, here are a few key tips on how to make your home more functional.

 How to Make Your Home More Functional

Storage Space

Functional homes are also spacious homes. For example, your floor space should always be clear and free of trip hazards. Kids toys, dropped food, DVDs, books, cushions, paperwork; none of these items should be found on the floor. Instead, they should be boxed up, shelved or returned to their usual positions, thereby clearing the floor.

Don’t be afraid to add additional storage units to your home. Quirky additions like ‘invisible’ bookshelves can be nailed to the walls, or built-in storage areas can feature nicely in your study or bedrooms. By including more of these kinds of storage units, you’ll be better organising your home and ensuring that anything you’re looking for can be easily found in future.

 How to Make Your Home More Functional

Foldable Furniture

While many deem micro-flats to be unliveable, most people can’t deny that they can still be incredibly functional. Dubbed as the future homes of young singles, there’s a great amount of inspiration here in terms of how they store and utilize foldable furniture. Because of this, all the furniture is flexible to the user’s needs, and thereby functional in the highest regard too.

Chairs fold into tables, sofas fold into beds, and headboards feature small shelving units built into the side. It’s multi-purpose furniture that when incorporated into a more spacious home, can add a lot of quirky, but practical appeal to the home. When your home can literally evolve to your needs around you on a whim, then money can be saved and the home, of course, becomes more functional.

 How to Make Your Home More Functional

Custom Upholstery

While it can be tempting to buy furniture from trusted brands like IKEA or Debenhams, more interesting offerings can be found elsewhere. These well-known providers do provide quality materials, but at the same time, the customer is well aware of what to expect ahead of time; a somewhat generic item of furniture. There’re no surprises or thrills or room for adjustments, just mundane necessities.

However, customer furniture can spur on more excitement and a greater sense of functionality here. While it can add that personally tailored touch to your home, this kind of furniture can be assembled out of style, sizes, fabrics and additional extras which you’ve chosen yourself. Removable arms on furniture, stain-proofing materials and more; it’s all made possible through the custom nuances.  

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