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How to Occupy Yourself When you are Stuck in Bed

How to Occupy Yourself When you are Stuck in Bed


There are going to come times when you just find yourself unable to get out of bed. There are a number of different reasons and factors that could play into this. One could be that you have sustained an injury to the lower half of your body. Muscle problems, cuts, or broken bones could all have you bedridden for a long period of time. You could also be very sick, which could have you feeling fatigued and lethargic. Or finally, you could just be exhausted after a long week of work. 

For most people, being stuck in bed all day is far from ideal. Even the most lazy people prefer to lie in bed by choice as opposed to being stuck there. It can often be very boring with very little to do. Not to mention it can stop you from getting some of your important tasks done. So what do you do? If you are bedridden for a meaningful period of time, you need to find ways to occupy yourself. Just lying there, staring at the ceiling isn’t exactly an enjoyable time. Instead of that, you might want to try some of the following suggestions. 

Play Games Online 

No matter what age you are, games will always be fun. Your taste may or may not change as you grow older, but there will always be an option for you. There are just so many gaming titles released in the modern-day that there truly is something for everyone. It could just be a matter of doing some research to find your perfect match. Many people feel as if gaming online requires a gaming PC with a big set up and expensive purchases. It doesn’t. There are plenty of games you can play on your phone without any hassle. The best online poker sites offer their users the chance to play from a mobile device, without any download. This means it can be the perfect cure for your boredom in these times.  

 How to Occupy Yourself When you are Stuck in Bed

Binge Netflix 

Netflix has come a long way since being a movie rental company. Not only has their service improved, but the quality and quantity of their content has gone through the roof. They now host some of the most iconic films of all time on their streaming platform. Not to mention plenty of award winning content produced by themselves. As well as this, there are new titles added to Netflix every single week. So, this could be an ideal way to spend your time in bed. Start a new series or rewatch your favorite films, the choice is yours. 

Plan Your Schedule 

Just because you are stuck in bed does not mean you can’t still be productive. If this is something that is important to you, planning your schedule is a great, low-energy option. You can do this on your phone with just a small amount of thought. It will also leave you very thankful for the weeks coming up.