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How to Pack Your Home With Personality

How to Pack Your Home With Personality

There’s nothing neutral about a personality, so homes shouldn’t reflect that kind of timid style either. Instead, commit to adding your own personal touches to your home, incorporating things that show your life and who you are. As rent rates are on the rise and will be the foreseeable future, you should celebrate having a place to call your own as a homeowner – and you can do this through your decorations and design.

Still, you can’t just pump your home full of endless features until its overstuffed. A delicate hand and a keen eye are needed here in order to do a good job. As with anything, there’s a right and wrong way to do go about things. Consequently, here’s how to inject some of your personality into your home.

Hobbies on Display

Many people tend to be quite shy about their hobbies. Whether their gardeners, painters or musicians, a lot of the tools and instruments required to do these things often get locked in a cupboard somewhere in the house. It’s a great shame because each thing associated with the hobby shouldn’t be tucked away out of sight like a dark secret.

Instead, they should be proudly on display! Do you play the guitar? Instead of stashing it away somewhere discreet when you’re done, mount it on the wall instead? Like to paint? Hang up your work on the walls and create a mini-gallery. Keen gardener? Create a little greenhouse-like area in your utility room or garage and arrange some homegrown plants around the home. Put simply, try to make your hobbies part of the home!

 How to Pack Your Home With Personality

Quirky Originals

Sometimes, homes that have unique items in them really help to emphasize the individuality of the owner. For those of you who like to add a flare of originality to your homes, invisible shelves can offer that. Obviously, they’re not literally invisible, but they’re designed in such a way that any books, DVDs or video games you store in them then look as if they’re floating in mid-air.

Moreover, you could pick up a few small sculptures that you could do around the house. These don’t need to be mounted on overbearing plinths, but you can pick up small animal sculptures that will sit nicely on a desk, shelf or table. In the end, if you pick up some quirky original goods, your home will feel more personal to you and more your own, instead of feeling like it’s been pulled right out of an IKEA catalog.

Colour Coordination

Most homeowners have repainted a wall or swapped out their carpets. Still, going for those classic cream or brown colors can be rather generic, so it might be useful to mix things up a bit here. Of course, if you’re happy with those colors then that’s okay, but ask yourself; do these somewhat muted colors really represent every corner of your personality?

Try to infuse some bolder colors into your home; bold reds, electric blues, stark greens, etc. You could plaster them across every wall, or simply get a matching dining chair from Heal’sthat allows the color scheme to flow better from room to room. Colors do communicate personality, so make sure you’re willing to play around and experiment here if you want to liven up your home.