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How to Plan Your Home Interior Design

How to Plan Your Home Interior Design

Hiring an interior designer can cost you a fortune so no wonder that quite a few people can afford themselves such a service when planning how their home will look. But what if you are not into this design stuff but still want to make your private space unique and reflect your personality? Here are several tips that we get from – Camilla Moln the Beezzly Expert that can help it to be one and only.

What to Start with When Planning Your Own Interior?

Turning your apartment or a house into a masterpiece is not so easy as it might seem to you at first. Some people like to stick to a specific style whilst others would rather prefer a mix of several similar or even completely different trends united into one harmonious piece. No matter which one of them you belong to when it comes to choosing the future interior design
for the place where you live, it is important to know what to start with in order to avoid messing up in the end.

● Find out what style you like most

If you don’t want to make a puzzle out of your rooms, decide what style (or styles) you want to have. Make research using internet resources and find the pictures of the rooms you like yourself. For example Pinterest has many useful ideas. Find several inspiring images for each room you have in your accommodation counting on the colors you prefer and other small details like that.

● More inspiration is always good

To get more cool and handy ideas regarding interior design, why not visit a couple of display homes? It would be a great chance to see some interesting ideas with your own eyes, especially since quite many project builders offer room tours in their display homes.

● Define the major theme

To identify the leading theme of your interior style is a must. Like that, even if you mixed several trends together, it will be easier for you to stick to a certain direction when decorating and equipping your home.

● Be practical

It means that, when choosing your home interior design, remember your living conditions. If you have pets or little children, there is no use of having white furniture of many glass objects, for example.

 How to Plan Your Home Interior Design

Secret Tips for Making Your Home Look Like a Trendy Thing

Even if you can’t afford yourself to hire a professional who will take care of the interior, don’t stress! There are several things that you can do and add some originality and style to your accommodation.

● Search for ideas

The internet is full of sources where you can find stylish and beautiful interior design samples for any taste. Interior magazines will also work well, just find the trends that you would like to use in your home and that suit you most.

● Set the colors

To make your rooms look harmonious, the proper color scheme is a must. Use three-colors set with one main color/shade for the walls, another for large accents like furniture and one more for small accents like accessories, etc. In case you decide to paint your walls, make sure to learn more about different paints and their usage specifics, for example here.

● Add texture
To make your home look more personalized and highlight its traits, use expressive fabrics like silk, velvet, linen, rattan, faux fur, etc.

● Accentuate

To visually accentuate the space of your rooms, use big pieces of furniture like armchairs, sofas, tables, etc. Too many small items will make the room look messy.

● ·Decorate

Whatever design you choose, some decorative elements will always be useful. Vases, flowers, statuettes, pictures – anything to make the space more vivid.