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Items for the Home You Do Not Need but Should Get

It is time for a treat, isn’t it? After someone started Jumanji and decided against finishing it this year, we deserve to buy something completely and purely for fun in the home.

If that feels like you, then keep on reading for some suggestions on what to buy for the home that you do not need, but should definitely get.

A rainbow window film

Turn the house into a magical rainbow paradise by using a rainbow window film.

This film simply sits on top of a window, which can be removed at any time, to act as a filter for the sunshine. This creates a refraction effect, which can make any home feel magical.

This film is not only fun, but also adds a useful level of privacy to the outside of any room.

“Slide your way down into the day”

Spiral staircase slide 

For those who are looking for a more … permanently fun addition to the home, why not consider a spiral staircase slide. Encourage the little kid inside every day with this wildly impractical and fantastic furniture choice, which is also a real treat for those with a family.

“Unwind after a day, or host a games night with friends”

 Items for the Home You Do Not Need but Should Get

An arcade machine

Take a break from the days regular stresses and strains, or challenge a friend to a competition with the homes very own arcade machine.

Not only is this a great bit of kit for those who enjoy hosting their pals, or have children, but games are extremely good for us and our health, which is hard to argue with!

Head over to Home Leisure Direct (homelesuiredirect.com) to pick out the perfect arcade machine for your home,

Dining room table swing set

There is something very nostalgic about chairs and sofas that swing when we sit on them, and now there is the chance to have that as an option every time a family sits down for dinner. For a unique dining experience, why not consider a dining room table swing set, for furniture that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also extremely fun to use!

 Items for the Home You Do Not Need but Should Get

A pet transit system

This one is for pet lovers! For those who have small rodents or even a cat, why not go all out and give them their own transit system around the house! Let them explore room to room and become part of the furniture without being able to damage any of it. This means your pet can go to many of the places you go without the worry of them getting lost or hurt. Plus, they are fascinating to watch!

A kitchen wall herb garden

Have all your herbs where you can see them in a delightful herb wall garden. Not only does this look stunning in the home and is great for the air, but it is also convenient for cooking all kinds of dishes, and for keeping an eye on the plant’s health – which can sometimes go a miss when they are out of sight.

Image courtesy of Riley Snelling