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Key Questions to Ask When Looking at Model Homes

Key Questions to Ask When Looking at Model Homes

Are you out looking at real estate because you are in the market for a new home? After years of saving so that you have a sizeable down payment, you are finally ready to go looking at that home of your dreams. You want a newly constructed home but perhaps are having difficulty finding what it is you are actually looking for. Maybe the homes you have found are too small for your needs or perhaps they don’t have all the features you truly desire. 

This is why so many developers keep one of the homes in a subdivision as a model home where potential buyers can discuss options that the project architect can work into the plans. If you aren’t clear on what kind of questions you can ask, here is some information that might prove to be helpful.

Can This Home Be Fitted with Tech-Savvy Automation?

One of the reasons many first-time homebuyers look for new construction in homes is because many are already designed with automation. From automated climate control to automated lighting, there is no end to what today’s technology can do to improve the living conditions of the homeowner. Some homes can be equipped with intelligent temperature controls that can be set for varying temperatures programmed for each user in the family. 

Automating your home can be customized to your wants and needs, so don’t forget to ask if this option is doable. Remember, the builder doesn’t begin construction until you have reviewed and approved the modified plans you requested, so actually a reputable builder can easily make the alterations you desire.

 Key Questions to Ask When Looking at Model Homes

Can They Work a Bonus Room into the Design?

For those prospective buyers who just love the layout of the model home they are viewing but could actually use an extra room, it is possible to see if the architect has alternate plans with is referred to as a ‘bonus room.’ These are typically built over a garage or in an attic if there is ample space for an average height male to walk unencumbered. 

Most families need the living space for kids who require their own room as they grow older, but some work-from-home or flex workers need that space for a home office. Many first-time buyers aren’t aware of this option so they don’t realize they can ask the builder if that’s something they can do. The asking price will increase as a result, but that’s only to be expected in most homes that meet comparables by average price per square foot.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask!

In the end, it’s wise to remember that a project developer wants to make that sale. If your requests aren’t too outlandish, they will work with you in any way possible. Even then, some of those award-winning homes were the result of homebuyers’ seemingly small modifications that ended up being a key selling point in other homes by the same developer. Remember, it’s your money you are spending and if that builder wants to make a sale, they will work with you in any way possible. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to in order to be assured you will be buying that long-awaited home of your dreams.