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Land Lamps by Leonardo Fortino


Italian designer Leonardo Fortino introduces his latest lamp series called ‘Land Lamps’ that use 3D characters to tell a story. Figures from the collective immagination are recalled in tridimensional silhouettes to bring one back to environments and scenarios: the outline of a house, an astronaut out in space or an agile dancer telling stories light cherishes. Figures and light together spread a dynamic and readable idea. Figures to remind a thought, an action. The concept of these light sources is developed in numerous variations: single or group lamps.

 2-mediterranean-villa-in-tel-aviv-by-paz-gersh-architects 3-mediterranean-villa-in-tel-aviv-by-paz-gersh-architects 4-mediterranean-villa-in-tel-aviv-by-paz-gersh-architects 5-mediterranean-villa-in-tel-aviv-by-paz-gersh-architects 6-mediterranean-villa-in-tel-aviv-by-paz-gersh-architects

all images courtesy of LEONARD FORTINO