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Leaving a Condo? Here’s a Quick Checklist for Your Move

Leaving a Condo? Here’s a Quick Checklist for Your Move

There comes a time when living in a condo gets old. Maybe you don’t see the point in paying condo fees that go up every year, or perhaps you want more space to start a family. Whatever it is, moving to a new place can help you start an exciting new chapter of your life. 

If this is the first time moving out of a condo, make sure you read the list below. These tips will help you pull off a hassle-free move. 

Talk to Your Building Manager

Unlike a detached home or apartment, condos typically have strict moving policies in place that control when you can move in or out of units. You’ll want to speak with your building management to find out what the procedure is. They’ll provide the info you need, plus any tips that might streamline the experience. 

Book the Appropriate Equipment

If you moved in using a freight elevator, then you’ll move out using one, too. This frees up the regular elevators for the other residents.

Availability might be limited, so you’ll want to get a jump start on this booking. Many condos restrict moving to a handful of days, and they may even limit the number of hours you have to move. 

Hire a Professional

Moving day is stressful enough without racing against the clock. If you’re worried you and your friends won’t be able to move within your window, hire a professional moving company. 

The condo experts at Metropolitan Movers can move you more efficiently than you can on your own because they have years of experience on their side. Professional moving services combine expertise and specialized tools to get the job done quickly and safely. Just be sure to tell them about the time restriction, and they’ll approach your move with the right strategy. 


Leaving a Condo? Here’s a Quick Checklist for Your Move

Transfer Utilities

In a condo, you’re responsible for paying utilities. This means you paid for everything from water to heat while you were living in that unit. It also means whoever rents or buys your place after you leave will do the same. 

To avoid paying for the new resident’s bills, make sure you notify the utility companies of your move to close your accounts at that address. Depending on where you’re moving, you can transfer your account to the new location during the same call. 

Sort out Cleaning

Remember that stack of documents you signed when you first moved in? It’s time to blow off the dust and give them a second look. Inside, you’ll find any terms and conditions that relate to your move. 

More than likely, you paid a security deposit at the start of your lease, but management might rip up this cheque if an inspection shows you damaged your unit or the hallways. 

Keeping things safe is just another benefit of hiring a professional moving company, but you’ll always want to give your place a good scrub once everything is gone from your unit. 

Be Prepared to Move without the Stress

While moving from a condo is unlike moving from a detached home, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Keep your worries to a minimum by preparing ahead of time. The earlier you get started on this to-do list, the more equipped you’ll be for an effortless move.