Berlin-based designer Sybille Paulsen creates bespoke jewelry from human hair working with women who undergo chemotherapy treatment. “Women who undergo chemotherapy leave their hair to me to transform it into a unique and personal piece of art,” said Sybille. “Each woman is touched differently by the sickness and its treatment. Not only the person concerned but also the people around them pass through a transformation in this period. Her partner, her family and friends experience her sickness in a personal manner as well. The artefacts that I create of the hair, mark this transformation and disclose a new access for the people involved to the commonly overwhelming situation.

All of the pieces are carefully handmade in a labour intensive process that can take days or even weeks – a period that Paulsen also spends to engage with her clients and learn their individual stories. In addition Sybille can braid wristbands or necklaces for family members and close friends.

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cancer-patients 4-sybille-paulsen-creates-jewelry-with-human-hair-for-
cancer-patients 5-sybille-paulsen-creates-jewelry-with-human-hair-for-
cancer-patients 6-sybille-paulsen-creates-jewelry-with-human-hair-for-
cancer-patients 7-sybille-paulsen-creates-jewelry-with-human-hair-for-

all images courtesy of SYBILLE PAULSEN