New York designer Francis Bitonti has teamed up with Dutch footwear brand United Nude and 3D Systems for the release of the Mutatio collection. The project is a speculation on the future of customization — each shoe in the edition is unique generated by an algorithm developed by the designer. “It’s not so much about making some- thing customizable. I wanted to think of a product as an algorithm,” says Francis Bitonti. The same software and algorithms were used to generate an accessories collection to be manufactured by 3D Systems and released this fall. The collection mixes both new and traditional crafting techniques. The heel of the shoe is 3D Printed so that each one can be unique and plated with gold and finished with a leather upper.

United Nude has also presented a set of 3D-printed shoes by architects and designers including Zaha Hadid, Ben van Berkel and Michael Young during Milan design week 2015.

 francis-bitonti-gold-plated-3d-printed-mutatio-shoes-for-united-nude-2 francis-bitonti-gold-plated-3d-printed-mutatio-shoes-for-united-nude-3 francis-bitonti-gold-plated-3d-printed-mutatio-shoes-for-united-nude-4 francis-bitonti-gold-plated-3d-printed-mutatio-shoes-for-united-nude-5 francis-bitonti-gold-plated-3d-printed-mutatio-shoes-for-united-nude-6 francis-bitonti-gold-plated-3d-printed-mutatio-shoes-for-united-nude-7

all images courtesy of United Nude