Studio bibi design has designed a sleek wristwatch called HMS for the Italian brand Nava Design.

“The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour; whatever he does, whoever he is.” 

Clive Staples Lewis

 HMS Wristwatch by bibi design for Nava Design

HMS watches (Hours – Minutes – Seconds) represent the passage of time in an ironic way. The watches dials are characterized by the first letters of the words hours, minutes and seconds as hands, giving the watch a minimal but at the same time provocative look.

Saying you are not able to read time will no longer be possible when the shape of the hands itself will show it to you.

 HMS Wristwatch by bibi design for Nava Design

Nava Design was founded in 1970, when Nava began working with leading international designersThe success of these partnerships has allowed Nava to create a very strong link between design and its products. The study and the development of the products strike the right balance between functionality and aesthetic sensitivity, which is the basis of the Nava philosophy. Refined materials, quality and innovation characterize all our products, conveying design that goes beyond mere fashion. Through the years some products have become icons in the world of graphic design, and are still sold today in Museum shops and Design Foundations around the world. Currently, the Nava offering is illustrated in three catalogues – Bags and Accessories, Stationery, Design watches – that speak a single language: Design.

 HMS Wristwatch by bibi design for Nava Design

all images courtesy of bibi design